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T-cell migration

T-cell activation occurs in the secondary lymph organs but the infection is often occurs in the periphery

To guide the T-cell to the infection side, a guidance system of cytokines and chemokines is in place

Cytokines = upregulate adhesion molecule expression on the endothelium

Chemokines = attracts cells to the site


CD8 T-cells

CD8 T-cells are cytotoxic

Their killing is very specific so they must have cell-cell contact

Adjacent cells are unaffected by the killing of the target cell


Granzyme/perforin killing

Granules are released onto the target via the immunological synapse

Perforin creates pores in the target cell, this then allows granzyme entry

Granzyme activates the caspase cascade



As the antigen is cleared, the stimulus for co-stimulation subsides and T-cell responses decline

Homeostasis is restored



Some progeny develop into long-lived quiescent cells

Memory cells are responsible for the accelerated and enhanced secondary immune response