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IR scope ?

Not fully decided coz
-The intl scnerio as well as the discpline is in a state of constant flux on daily basis


Contemporary IR consists of ?

It embraces the whole gamut of
>diplomatic history
>Intl politics
>intl org
>intl law
>strategic studies


Palmer and Perkins qutoe about IR's scope?

"IR was a study of the world community in transition."

-the conclusion is true even today
-the transition has not reached endpoint


1. Soverign Nation States and Relations
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Made international politics possible
-Basic subject matter of IR
-Remain primrary area of study


2. Non State Actors
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Imp of NSA increases with IR over the years
-MNCs, NGOs, and IGOs exert considerable influence in today's IR.


3. Int political economy
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Made possible of IR study with the help of economic activities and analyses.
-Globalisation renewd interest in IPE (1980s)
-The study of IR is analysed with the help of economic views


3. Intl Security
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Primrary concern of nation state
-it led to war & peace in past and would continue in future.
-Peaceful international order interlinked with internatioal security which includes:
>Non-Prof of WMD
>Reduction of tension among states
-Intl securty study in IR also include the study of war & peace with strategic studies.


4. F. Policy of major powers
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Imp subject matter of IR
-Contemporary IR analyses FP of US, China, Russia, Japan & India.
-These actors are major in recent times


5. Power and National Power
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Central theme in IR after WW 2
-National power; Major determinent of the FP of the major countries
-Interest defined in terms of state power
-Morgenthaw: Intl politcs is nothing but power politics.


6. International law
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Major aspect of IR
-I. law can contain set of rules which regulates and determines interstate behaviour.


7. International system
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Study of IR as taken in terms of Intl system
-System theories are applied in IR
-Various regions are studied as intl system


7. Conflict Management and resolution
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Range of IRs involves conflict,its management and resolution
-Their study becomes imp subject matter of IR


7. War and Peace
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Study of IR revolves around peace and war
-War; gave birth to IR and it is Peace which IR wants to establish


7. National Interest
(Subject Matter of IR)

-It is an objective of soverign states which they want to pursue in the international arena
>with the help of power and instrument of Foreign Policy


7. Nationalism and Internationalism
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Imp subject matter
>as they are factors of modern state system


7. Globalisation
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Refer to economic activities primatily

-Implication on political and social sphere

-Significant in IR with the rise of liberal economy over merchantilist economy since the early 1980s


Climate change & Global Warming
(Subject Matter of IR)

- Great significant in the study of IR

-Industrialisation and technological progress have enhanced concerns for enviromental safety.

-Enviromental issues made states across interdependent coz
>carbon emission from industrial plant of one part of world may effect other parts.


Global Terrorism
(Subject Matter of IR)

-Imp area in study of IR

-Terroist activities involving citizens of more than one country
>and having transnational impact which constitute in international terrorism

-Intlernational peace and security are closely related to this issue


Human Rights
(Subject Matter of IR)

-It has attained a vital postion in 21st Centuary.\

-Various issues on intl level are viewd through the prism of HR.


Why IR as a discipline is becoming increasingly unmangeable?

-Expanding scope of IR leads to the view that:
>The discipline is becoming increasingly unmanagebale,
>and it lacks clear conceptual framework.
>above said view is born out of pessimism and not acceptable.

>The subject has a useful theoritical framework to support research in diffrent areas.
>The broad scope of IR may be helful for it.
>as well as greater specilaization within the discipline

-There is little rational to worry about the expanding scope of IR,
>It will help the discipline to mature into a well defined and enriched branch of modern social sciences.