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When evaluating relevance what do you consider?

The feasibility of the test or intervention

Clear link between the study subjects and the target population- similar severity of disease, age.

Look at relevant factors related to the disease outcome. (Look after a week but more interested long term)


What affects validity?

Appropriateness of study design
Adequacy of blinding
Randomization of group assignment
Invalid measurement
Relevant comparison or control group
Consideration of appropriate covariates
Conclusions are consistent with evidence
Follow-up of all study participants
Appropriate sample size
Conflict of interest
Discussed other relevant studies


What is the difference between clinical and statistical significance?

Clinical significance- how large of a difference was found

Statistical significance in terms of p-values, confidence intervals, power, how sensitive or specific were the test results.


Why use radioablation in the treatment of Barrett's esophagus?

Patients that were in the ablation group were less likely than the control group to progress to high-grade dysplasia or adenocarcinoma


What esophageal dysmotility disorders have higher prevalence in patients with spinal cord injuries?

heart burn

...can't remember more


How do you identify a clinical question from a research paper?

A good clinical question should include the POPULATION, the specific INTERVENTION of interest, a COMPARISON of specific alternatives, and the OUTCOME that is objective and meaningful to a pt.

In boys (population) with primary enuresis, does a bedwetting alarm (Intervention) as compared to desmopressin (comparison)
result in more dry nights?


What is a case control study?

Compares a group WITH and W/OUT disease to identify RF


What is a cross-sectional study?

Asseses FREQUENCY of disease at a POINT in time


What is a cohort study?

Compares group WTIH EXPOSURE to a group WTIHOUT to assess what will happen


What is a randomized controlled trial?

Compares THERAPEUTIC benefits


What is a meta-analysis?

Pools data from SEVERAL STUDIES