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At least once every ______, a regular or special meeting will receive public comment on training and standards for officers, jailers, and telecommunicators.

two years


A licensee has _______ to report any name change, address change, any arrest or charge above a Class C misdemeanor or family violence.

30 days


A person's initial date of appointment is their:

licensing date


The appointee must be declared by a physician within ______ before the date of the appointment to be physically qualified.

180 days


Each agency that employs at least ____ peace officer shall require each peace officer to successfully complete the current firearms proficiency requirements at least once each calendar year.



Handgun Qualifications

a minimum of 50 rounds. At least 5 rounds fired from point-blank to at least 15 yards. AT least 20 rounds at or beyond seven yards. Including one timed reload.


Shotgun Qualifications

A minimum of 5 rounds fired of at least 15 yards.


Fully Automatic Weapons Qualificatons

a minimum of 30 rounds fired from 7 to at least 10 yards. Including at least one timed reload. With at least 25 rounds fired in full automatic and at least 5 rounds fired semi-automatic.


If a licensee is charged with the commission of a felony, the commission shall immediately ________ any license held for a period of 30 years.



The commission shall immediately ______ any license issued by the commission if the licensee is or has been convicted of a felony offense.



A person is eligible to have the person's name on the memorial if the person:

was killed in the line of duty