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What is the clinical prediction rule for thoracic manipulation - which was not validated?

symptoms < 30 day, no symptoms distal to the shoulder, subject reports that looking up does not aggravate symptoms, FABQ PA < 12, Diminished upper thoracic kyphosis, cerv ext < 30 degrees


What indication would lead to recommending cerv spine x-rays A. Patient can sit upright B. Patient is older than 50 y/o C. patient's ROM limited to 30 degrees D. Patient tripped over a toy?



What are the Canadian Cerv Spine Rules

< 65 years old, no major trauma like a MVA at a high rate of speed or fall from a height - No x-ray is warranted BUT if the patient Is limited to 45 degrees or less of rotation x-rays should be taken


If a patient has a bilateral cervical rotation limitation < 45 degrees what is the likely cause?

stiffness at C1-2 because it accounts for 50% of the rotation of the cervical spine


A patient has long standing headaches and neck pain. What is the best tx for this pt?

manipulative therapy with strengthening


What is the minimal detectable change with the NDI

12% = 6 points