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What term is used by sociologist to refer to print and electronic means of communication that carry messages to widespread audiences?

Mass media


A magazine would be considered __________ media.

Mass (print)


The term "screen time" refers to the amount of time people spend....

Not just television viewing but playing video games and surfing the Internet.


Many sociologist consider ____________
To be major concerns regarding the mass media.

How the mass media affects our social institutions.
How they influence our society.
How they influence our social behaviors.


What term is used to refer to the flow of content across multiple media and the accompanying migration of media?

Cultural convergence


What percentage of Americans are off the modern information network, or "off the net?"

15% mainly older Americans. Is of the modern information network.


What percentage of Americans are "omnivores" --that is, they consume information goods and services at a high rate are referred to as....

8% American Adults


The most active participants in the information society-those that consume information goods and. Services at a high rate are referred to as...



Those people who are not on the information network are called by the textbook Author.....

"Off the net"


Which sociological perspective would likely contend that the role of the mass media is to provide socialization, enforce social norms through public events, and create social stability and cohesion through collective experiences?

Functionalist view


Best examples of cyber bullying

Viral new images, cyberstalkers


Which sociologist reported that newspapers help to socialize immigrants to the customs and culture of the US?



What were the primary media vehicles by which people bonded in the US. during, and in the aftermath of, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001?

Television, radio and telephone were primary. Internet also played prominent role.--more than 5 million people--


Communities developing around common interests or shared identities that are emerging online is referred to in the text as...



List one way the media reaffirms behavior in society

By showing what happens to people who act in a way that violates societal expectations.


List one way the media glorifies disapproved behaviors

Physical violence, disrespect to teachers, or drug use.


Which sociological perspectives would be most likely to focus on the function of the mass media?

Functionalist view


People, origami nations, and public issues appearing regularly on the cover of prominent magazines is a method used to.

Confer status on people or issues


According to the text, which musician has received the most amount of status from Rolling Stones magazine due to the number of times she or he has appeared on its cover?

Paul McCartney


According to the text, which politician has appeared on the cover of time magazine most often, resulting in a degree of status being conferred upon him?

Richard Nixion


The function of media adverting is to support the economy, provide information about products, and underwrite media cost associated with...



Which nation has the largest number of the top 100 worldwide brands?

51 originated in e United States


List a dysfunction of media promotion of product consumption.

Creates needs and raises unrealistic expectations of what is. Required to be happy or satisfied. Advertisers can influence the media content.


Define narcotizing dysfunction

Refers to the phenomenon in which the media provide such massive amounts of coverage that the audience becomes numb and fails to act on the information, regardless of how compelling the issue.
Paul. lazarsfeld &Robert Merton


People ignoring credible warnings about terrorist attacks due to the massive amounts of coverage in the aftermath of 9-11are an example of...

Narcotizing dysfunction


If someone failed to contribute money because massive amounts of media coverage made him or her less sensitive to the needs of the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, this would be an example of ...

Narcotizing dysfunction


Which sociologist first identified the effects of viewer fatigue and created the term " narcotizing dysfunction?"

Paul Lazarsfeld & Robert Merton


Which sociological perspective would be most likely to emphasize the mass media exacerbate many divisions in our society, including those based on gender, race, ethnicity, and social class?

Conflict view


The process by which a relatively small number of people control what eventually reaches the audience is refereed to as

Gate keeping


A. Major network news agency that discourages reports of issues concerning homosexuality is most likely practicing