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Palmer Raids

Part of the Red Scare
Arrested foreigners
Violated the constitution
Led by A. Mitchell Palmer- the "Fighting Quaker" (known as the "Quaking Fighter" after his house was bombed)


National Origins Act

Anti-immigration federal legislation that took the number of immigrants from each country in 1890 and stated that immigration from those countries could be no more than 2% of that
Prohibited asian immigration
Severely halted immigration from southern and Eastern Europe


Scopes trial

Trail of teacher John Scopes for teaching evolution (Darwinism)
In Dayton, TN (Bible Belt)
Lawyer: Charles Darrow
Prosecutor: WJB


Jazz Age

Image of the 1920s that emphasized the more relaxed social attitudes of the decade
Ex. F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby



The "new woman" of the 1920s
Pictured with bobbed hair, a shorter skirt, makeup, cigarettes, and sexual attitude
Opposed rural America


"Lost Generation"

Group of post WWI writers who in their works expressed deep dissatisfaction with mainstream American culture
Ex. Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms


Harlem Renaissance

The 1920s black literacy and cultural movement that produced many works depicting he role of blacks in contemporary American society
Ex. Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes


Henry Ford

Perfected the Model T with the assembly line
Made automobiles affordable
Used Taylorism and scientific management
Contributed to the advertising age


Government leadership in the early 1900s

Dominated by republicans
Harding, Coolidge, Hoover
Chief Justice: Taft
Controlled House of Representatives and senate
Because based on business community
Suppressed unions



All about normalcy after Woodrow Wilson
Made Andrew Mellon (richest man in America) Sec. of Treas.


Teapot Dome Scandal

Worst scandal of Harding administration
Sec. of Interior Albert Fall put 2 oil deposits (one called Teapot Dome) under the department of the interior and he leased them to private business, got rich, and went to jail


Marcus Garvey

Est. the Universal Negro Improvement Association
Wanted blacks to move back to Africa to est. their own empire
Arrested and jailed for fraud


Emergency Quota Act

Limited immigration to 3% of the peoples each country living in the US in 1890
Replaced by the National Original Act


The Jazz Singer

The first "talkie" movie
In black face


The novel that supported the business philosophy of 1920s most definitively was.....

The Man Nobody Knows
Jesus is portrayed as a businessman


The election of Herbert Hoover demonstrated....

1. Americans were attracted to self made businessmen
2. Most Americans believed that republican policies had been responsible for prosperity in the 1920s
3. Prohibition was a hot issue
4. Americans were not ready for a catholic president