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Open Door policy

Supported by the US
Stated that all major powers, including the US, should have an equal right to trade with China


Social Darwinism

Philosophy that emerged from the writings of Charles Darwin of "survival of the fittest"
Was used o justify the vast differences between the rich and the poor in the late 1800s as well as American and European imperialistic ventures


Spanish-American War

Over treatment of Cubans by Spanish troops that controlled the island (and reconcentration camps) after the Cuban revolt provoked by an economic depression
Affected american interests in Cuban sugar mills (increased pressure for Mckinley to intervene)
Resulted in America's annexation of the Philippines, making the US a major power in the Pac


Yellow journalism

Utilized sensationalized accounts of the news to sell newspapers
Helped whip up nationalistic impulses (aka jingoism) that led to the Spanish American War
Leaders: Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst


USS Maine

US naval ship that exploded in Havana harbor
Increased calls for war against Spain
Accusations of foul play were never proven


Panama Canal

Enabled America to expand its economic and military influence

Thanks Teddy


Roosevelt Corollary

Policy that warned Europeans against intervening in Latin America and claimed the right of theUS to intervene in Latin America if "chronic wrong doing" was taking place
Increased "Yankee go home" feelings
Ex. US paid off Santo Domingo's debts to Europe


Dollar Diplomacy

Supported by President Taft and others that favored increased American investment in the world as a way of increasing American influence


Reasons for sudden interest in imperialism

1. Fear that the US would produce more than it could consume. New territory= new markets
2. Desire for raw materials
3. Strategic naval posts
4. Social Darwinism
5. Maintaining american spirit


Cpt. Alfred Mahan

Wrote The Influence of Sea Power on History
Stated that the key to global control was by obtaining control of the seas
Reason for American imperialism


The White Man's Burden

By Rudyard Kipling
Based on social Darwinism
Reason for America imperialism
Inspired Josiah Strong's book Our Country


Rough Riders

Unorganized team of troops led by Theodore Roosevelt who fought in the Spanish-American War
Most died from malaria and food poisoning rather than in battle


Teller amendment

Called for war against Spain
Stated that America would NOT under ANY circumstances annex Cuba
So McKinley put Cuba under military rule after victory over Spain


Platt Amendment

Stated that Cuba could not enter any foreign agreements without America's approval
Gave the US the right to intervene in Cuban affairs "when necessary"
Gave the US 2 naval bases in Cuba (Guantanamo bay)


Anti-Imperialist League

Feared tat armies needed for imperialistic adventures abroad might curb dissent at home
Leaders: Mark Twain and WJB
Pointed out racist fears of Filipino immigration
Feared cost


Mckinley's reasons for annexing the Philippines

The Filipinos were "unfit for self-government" (promised they would eventually get freedom)