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The Bible is not one book but a library with many authors. Catholics believe that it's the revealed...

Word of God


The Catechism states that...

- The Bible is 'divinely inspired'
- The Gospels are at the heart of scriptures
- Ignorance of Scriptues is ignorance of God


What is the Old Testament?

Contains Jewish scriptures (the Tenakh)


What is the New Testament?

Written by people who had accounts of Jesus' life.


How many books does the Bible contain?

73 (Catholic)


Why was the writing LAW important?

613 laws were in the Old Testament that were given to Moses.


Why is the writing HISTORY important?

Describes the history of the Jewish people.


Why is the writing PROPHETS important?

Contains messages from God


why was the writing WRITINGS important?

It is poetic and contains wisdom.
Teaches about the nature of God.


why was the writing GOSPELS important?

It is a record of Jesus' life.
4 Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


why is the writing LETTERS important?

21 letters written by apostles to their churches.
Remind Christians to focus on the teaching of Jesus.


why is the writing REVELATION important?

Describes the end of the world.


How do Catholics interpret the Bible?

- Believe it is the inspired word of God where God is the main author
- Written by humans who were inspired by the Holy Spirit
- A faith document that contains the truth about God and his plan for salvation
- Not a religion of the book so people who don't read it can still have faith in Jesus


How do Literals interpret the Bible?

- Believe it is true, word for word
- Take it literally
- Everything in it is correct / inerrant
(no errors)
- Scientists are wrong
- All Bible teachings are relevant today
- Believe in the 6 day creation story as told in Genesis


How do Liberals interpret the Bible?

- Believe it was written by humans who were inspired to write just like any other author
- Contains truth but is not literally true
- Can be interpreted by anyone meaning different beliefs on the teachings
- Some of the teaching are out of date
- Many things can be questioned such as miracle stories