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Why is it difficult to treat trauma at the elbow?

3 separate articulations at one joint make it difficult to treat


What is the most common MOI at the elbow?

Fall on an outstretched hand (FOOSH)


What 4 pathologies are visualized by x-ray at the elbow?

1. Fractures
2. Dislocations
3. Calcific tendonitis
4. Arthritis


What do CT scans visualize at the elbow?

Complex fractures, especially in characterizing fracture/dislocation of the radius/ulna and distal humerus


What 3 conditions does MRI visualize at the elbow?

1. Soft tissue abnormalities
2. Chondral and osteochondral lesions
3. Radiographically occult bone abnormalities


What is musculoskeletal US typically used for at the elbow?

Dynamic assessment demonstrating nerve or muscle subluxation


What 3 projections/views make up the routine radiological examination at the elbow?

1. AP
2. Lateral
3. Oblique (external rotation)


What are the ABCDs of the elbow?

1. Alignment
2. Bone Density
3. Cartilage
4. eDema
5. Soft Tissue


What are the 6 secondary centers of ossification at the elbow? (CRITOE)

Capitulum 
Radial Head 
Internal (medial) epicondyle
Trochlea 
Olecranon 
External (lateral) epicondyle


What 2 abnormalities are HIGHLY associated with fractures at the elbow?

1. Positive fat pad sign
2. Abnormal supinator line


What are the ABCs at the elbow?

1. Alignment
2. Bone Density
3. Cartilage
4. Soft tissue


What is considered the first line examination at the elbow?

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSUS) performed in conjunction with conventional radiography


What 4 clinical symptoms warrant MSUS examinations at the elbow?

1. Pain
2. Swelling
3. Joint instability
4. Presence of mass.