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What was a political reason Louis decided to leave Paris?

The Austrian Emperor and King of Spain had agreed too help him if he was able to escape France. Louis would be in a better position to negotiate.


What were the religious reasons for Louis leaving Paris?

Opposed the Civil Constitution as he was a devout Catholic. In 1791 he was barred from attending Mass were a non-juring priest was preaching.


When was the flight to Varennes?

The night of 20 June 1791.


When were the Royal brought bak to Paris from Varennes?

25 June 1791


What were the consequences of the flight to Varennes?

Monarchy no longer has any influence, the 1791 Constitution became obsolete, the Assembly had full control of the government, divisions in the Assembly widened.


'A full explanation of the origins of the Terror must also reflect on the impact of a

single event: the attempted flight of the reigning King of France...The flight to Varennes caused extreme erosion of faith in the monarchy, and by extension the clergy and nobility.' Tackett


Which influential men became monarchiennes; those who wanted preserve constitutional monarchy after the flight to Varennes?

Antoine Barnave, Adrien Duport, Abbe Sieyes, Bailly, Lafayette.


What did the assembly declare on 15 July 1791?

The belief that Louis XVI was kidnapped, exonerated from responsibility. However they also issued the Decree Determining Abdication.


When did crowds gather at the Champ de Mars demanding a referendum on the Kings fate?

16 July 1791


When was the Champ de Mars massacre?

17 July 1791


Why did the National Guard begin firing on the crowd at the Champ de Mars?

As the frenzy of the crowds grew, those at the Hotel de Ville feared a riot. Bailly declared martial law. Lafayette led the National Guard. When the crowd refused to back down Lafayette ordered the troops to fire.


What were the casualties of the Champ de Mars?

50 dead, 12 wounded.


What was the initial response to the Champ de Mars massacre?

Law and order seemed to have prevailed. Letters to NA expressed support for Bailly and Lafayette and condemnation of the protestors. Hard leftists such as Desmoulins went into hidings, newspapers that supported the sans-culottes closed down.


What happened on 16 July 1789?

Antoine Barnave led 1000 constitutional monarchies out of the Jacobin club to form the Feuillant Club.


What did the Feuillants believe in?

Did not trust the king but wanted to maintain stability and the 1791 Constitution.


When was the constitution of 1791 completed?

3 September 1791


When did Louis sign the Constitution of 1791?

13 September 1791


When did the Constituent Assembly end? When was the Legislative Assembly elected?

30 September 1791
1 October 1791