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When the Funeral Rule went into effect.

April 30, 1984


The commission revised the Rule early in ____, revisions became effective later that year.



Give customers accurate, itemized price information and various other disclosures about funeral goods and services.

The Requirement of The Funeral Rule


* Misrepresenting legal, crematory, and cemetery requirements.
* Embalming for a fee without permission.
* Requiring the purchase of a casket for direct cremation.
* Requiring customers to buy certain funeral goods or services as a condition for furnishing other funeral goods and services.
* Engaging in other deceptive or unfair practices.

The Funeral Rule Prohibits:


If you violate the funeral rule, you may be subject to penalties of up to ______ per violation.



They explain the requirements of the revised Funeral Rule and discuss how to prepare documents required by the Rule:
* The general price list
* The casket price list
* The outer burial container price list
* The statement of funeral goods and services selected.

The Guidelines of the Funeral Rule do not Amend or Modify the Rule


People who must comply with the Rule.

All Funeral Providers


You are one of these if you sell or offer to sell both funeral goods and funeral services to the public.

Funeral Provider


All products sold directly to the public in connection with funeral services.

Funeral Goods


* Services used to care and prepare bodies for burial, cremation, or other final disposition.
* Services used to arrange, supervise, or conduct the funeral ceremony or final disposition of human remains.

Funeral Services


* If you sell or offer to sell funeral goods and both types of funeral service.
* Do not have to be a licensed funeral director
* Your business does not have to be a licensed funeral home (Cemeteries, creamatories, and other businesses).

You are a Funeral Provider if:


You are not covered by the Funeral Rule if you only sell ____ ____, but not services relating to the disposition of remains.

Funeral Goods


* Even if a particular customer buys only goods or only funeral services, but not both.
* If you organize your business to sell goods through one company and services through another.
* Funeral providers

You must Comply with the Funeral Rule


* Must comply with the Rule requirements at the time funeral arrangements are pre-planned.
* After the death of the individual who made pre-need arrangements.
* If the survivors inquire about goods or services, alter the pre-planned arrangements, or are required to pay additional sums of money, ypu must give them all relevent disclosures and price lists.
* Sell pre-need contracts on behalf of one or more funeral homes, but do not yourself provide funeral goods and services.

Pre-Need Situations


The Rule does not apply to pre-need contracts entered into before the Rule went into effect in ____. However, if a pre-need contract signed before ____ is modified after ____, the modification triggers all of the Rule's requirements.



The keystone of the Funeral Rule. Enables customers customers to comparison shop and the purchase, on an itemized basis, only the goods and services they want.

The General Price List


* Identifying information
* Itemized prices for the various goods and services that you sell
* Other important disclosures 

GPL Must Contain:


Anyone who asks, in person, about funeral goods, funeral services, or the prices of such goods and services. You must give this to such individuals to keep. 
* Does not have to come from a customer or someone who wants to make arrangements (competitors, journalists, represenatives of a business, religious societies, government agencies, or consumer groups.)

You must Give the General Price List to:


* The type of funeral or disposition that you can arrange.
* The specific goods and services that you offer.
* The prices of your goods and services.

You Must Offer the Price List When you Begin to Discuss any of the Following:


The triggering event for giving out the GPL.

Face to Face Meeting


Can occur anywhere, not just at the funeral home.
* Exception: You are not required to offer a GPL if you remove the deceased for transportation to the funeral home and, at that time, only request the authorization to embalm.

Face to Face Meeting


* Disclose that embalming is not required by law (except in special cases, if relevant)
* Refrain from further discussion about prices for the selection of funeral goods or services while you remove the deceased. Any further discussion of the prices or the selection of goods or services at this time would trigger the requirement to provide a GPL.

When you Request Authorization to Embalm, you also must:


If the discussion of prices or arrangements takes place in the family's home or while removing the deceased from a hospital or nursing home.

You Must Give out a GPL


* You must give out certain information
* The Rule does not require you send callers a GPL.

Phone Inquiries


* Do not have to send a GPL in response.

Mail Inquiries


A ____ offer of a GPL is not enough to comply with the Rule.



* Cannot tell customers that a GPL is available for inspection.
* Cannot show a GPL in a booklet or binder where it appears that there is only one copy available or that the booklet is solely for the funeral director's use.
* Must physically offer consumers a GPL they can keep and take home with them.
* Must not discourage customers from looking at the GPL (saying it is unnecessary or difficult to understand).
* If you do not want to look at or keep it, you do not have to do anything further.

Does the Rule Require the GPL be Given to Keep?


You must give all required information to anyone who asks __________.

Free of Charge


You must give out a GPL in all _______ situations.



* GPL May vary from at-need situations
* Must include all required disclosures
* Must offer goods and services on an itemized basis.
* Cannot offer only package funerals to these customers.
* You must give a GPL to anyone who wishes to modify the funeral goods or services already purchased under this contract or to a survivor who must pay an additional sum because prices have increased since the arrangements were pre-planned.

Pre-Need Arrangements