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When was the Boston Massacre? And what was it?

- king sends trips to protect the imported things from England

- colonists start attacking and troops start fire


What was England’s reaction to the Boston Massacre??

They repeal all the taxes except the Tea act, to prove they are still in charge


What was the Colonists Reaction to the Boston Masacre?

They create the first Org. for British rule Opp. (Committees of Correspondence)


What does England pass in 1773?

The tea act


What was the Tea Act of 1773?

It was designed to save the Indian Tea company
-made the tea cheaper and colonist thought it was a trick to make them buy British tea


What was the colonists reaction to the Boston tea act?

Dumped the tea into the sea, they dressed up as Indians


What did England pass in 1774?

They shut the port of Boston down until they payed for the tea


What was the Colonists reaction to the Intolerable Acts?

The Colonists send food supplies to Boston


What happened in September 1774 in Philadelphia?

The First Continental Congress


What was the purpose of the first Continental Congress?

Protest intolerable acts
- Boston began to make military preparations

-12 Colonies went, but Georgia did not go