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Trends/characteristics of groups of tobacco users

  • 34% w/9-11yrs of education vs. 8% of people w/college degree or higher
  • 40% American Indians vs. 21% of Caucasians
  • 29% of those below the poverty vs. 21% above the poverty line
  • 80-90% of incarcerated persons vs. 21% of the general US population


Effective health policy interventions

  • Higher cigarette taxes 

  • S

    moking bans 

  • Warning labels 

  • Increased access to nicotine replacement therapies


Tobacco use impact on mortality, cost, and health disparities

  • premature mortality 2x > non-smokers
  • half of smokers killed by smoking
  • most common cause of preventable premature death
    • half of those that die from tobacco use in US have mental illness
  • health/productivity cost = $190 billion/year


Strategies to counsel patients to quit smoking

  • It’s never too late to quit! 

  • Good benefits within a year, improved cough, SOB, taste, smell, lung function, 50% decrease in cardiac ris

  • Ask, advise, assess, assist, arrange


Strategies to aid behavior modification

  • Goal = total abstinence after the quit day. 

  • Engage family + friends to help 

  • Anticipate challenges/triggers 

  • Identify what has/hasn’t worked in past 

  • Remove tobacco from environment: work/home! 

  • Encourage partners to quit as well. 


Nicotine replacement therapy options

  • patch
  • gum
  • lozenge
  • inhaler
  • nasal spray


Quitting counseling options

  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW = free counseling + free access to nicotine replacement
  • Primary care physician


Drug therapy options to aid quitting smoking

  • Bupropion - inhibits reuptake of dopamine and norepi, reducing craving and symptoms of withdrawal

    • Black Box FDA warning 

  • Varenicline (Chantix) - partial agonist at nicotine receptor, also antagonist - so no reward for smoking.

    • Statistically better than Bupropion in original trial 50% quit after 12 weeks. 

    • Lots of psych side effects including suicidality 

    • Black box warning by FDA