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What is the 1947 WHO definition of health?

That health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


What is te whare tapa wha?

Mason Durie's Maori health model based on the structure of a house.


What are the four aspects of te whare tapa wha?

Wairua - spirit
Hinengaro - mental (thought and feeling)
Tinana - Physical
Whanau - family


Why is whanau so important?

1. Prime support system
2. Identity and sense of purpose


What are three things that have motivated Maori with regards to their own health models?

1. Overemphasis on the physical aspect of health - not thinking holistically
2. Strained relationship between Maori and health professionals and health system
3. Maori belief that health is not only measured by baselines but also by spiritual and emotional factors


What is Te Wheke?

Octopus model of health


What are the 8 arms of Te Wheke?

Mana ake - uniqueness
Mauri - life spark
Hā a Koro mā a Kui mā - breath of life
Whatumanawa - open emotional expression


What is the eye of Te Wheke?

Waiora - total well being?


Are there 8 or 9 principles to Te Wheke?

9 (8 arms and 1 eye)


What does ngā pou mana place emphasis on?

The external environment.


What four supports of ngā pou mana bought together the social, cultural and economic dimensions of health?

Whanaungatanga - family
Taonga tuku iho - Cultural heritage
Te ao turoa - Physical environment
Turangawaewae - the land base


Describe further how the treaty of Waitangi bought particular reference to te au turoa?

Through recognition of pollution.

Not only of the waterways and lands but of the spiritual and cultural values. Eg disposal of human waste onto lands that were tapu.


Compare Maori health models to Biomedical model of health.

Maori vs Biomedical

1. Micro/Mezzo and Macro VS Micro focus
2. Whanau/Collective VS Individual
3. All relationships VS Dr-Patient relationship
4. Holistic VS Physical
5. Preventative VS Curative
6. A way of life VS A profession
7. Cultural VS Scientific
8. Cultural alienation not able to realise full health potential VS Health is absence of disease


What is Rongoā Māori?

Maori medicine


What does Rongoā Māori comprise of?

Traditional medicine
Herbal treatments
Alternative therapy

Also about the way of life - upholding Maori philosophies and customs