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What was the watergate scandal?

CREEP hopes to gain advantage in 1972 election by getting hold of Democratic Party secrets held in there watergate offices


What happened to the burglars?

Caught and arrested in the offices on June 17th 1972


How did Nixon respond?

Publicly said he didn't care but secretly tried to cover it up


How did Nixon try to cover up the scandal?

Tried to get CIA to stop FBI investigating. They refused so he tried to offer burglars money to keep them quiet


What happened to Nixon's approval ratings after scandal?

Down to 17%


What happened to VP Spiro after the scandal?

Resigned due to tax evasion and bribe taking claims


In June 1974 the Supreme Court ordered Nixon to release what? And what did this reveal?

All of his tapes were released revealing his cover up of the scandal


What happened to Nixon as a result of the scandal?

House of representatives moved to impeach him. Instead he resigned on August 1974


What two acts were passed as a result of watergate?

-1973 war powers act limited presidential power to take country to war
-1978 ethics and gov act made it easier for special prosecutor to investigate government wrongdoings


How was the pardoning of Nixon seen as a crisis?

-Nation stunned and outraged
-People believed Nixon and Ford had made a deal. He resigned to give Ford power and in turn he would pardon him
-Damaged president --> congress relationship


How did the media treat Ford?

Believed him as 'fair game' and treated him with mass disrespect. Made fun of him, displayed him falling over etc


What was Carters main appeal?

He was an outsider in Washington. People believed they could trust him as he distanced himself from those in Washington


What three events caused disapproval of Carter?

-Energy crisis
-Iranian hostage crisis
-issues in economy


What was Carters approval like in 1977



How and when did the Iranian hostage crisis begin?

1978 - pro American leader of Iran was other-thrown and replaced by Islamic radicals
-the ex-Iranian leader was allowed medical treatment in USA.....
-which lead to students storming the US embassy in Tehran on the 4th of November 1979 taking staff as hostages


How many were captured?

90 originally - 6 escaped and non US citizens released leaving 66 in captivity


How did the hostage crisis effect Carter?

Broke him - he failed to negotiate effectively, his rescue mission in 1980 left 8 American soldiers dead and and dragged through streets of Tehran and he was left to look weak and foolish
Public blamed him for humiliating the US


How did the hostage crisis effect the 1980 election?

47% of registered voters stayed at home and it ended in Reagan beating Carter


To what extent did environmental support grow in the 1970's?

1969 1% of population believed environment was the greatest problem but in 1971 25% did


Who were CREEP?

Nixon's committee to re-elect the president


What was Carters impact on environmental legislation?

-First president to successfully campaign on the issue
-Passed 1980 Alaska Lands act which set aside 1/3 of the state as wilderness
-however, ambitious energy plan did not pass through congress
-Environmentalists belived he did too little, industrial workers belived he did too much


What effect did the environment have on political issues during the 1970's?

Huge growth in environmental support put pressure on gov to pass legislation on the issue