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What is metabolism?

all the enzyme-controlling that occur in a cell at the same time


What are catabolic pathways?

they release energy, and involve the breakdown of molecules.


What are anabolic pathways?

they require energy, and involve bio-synthetic processes.


Metabolic pathways can be...

reversible or irreversible.


What 2 things are metabolic pathways controlled by?

the presence or absence or particular enzymes, and through the regulation of the rate of reaction of key enzymes. (can be controlled by extracellular or intracellular signal molecules)


What is competitive inhibition?

A molecule that binds to the active site of an enzyme


What is a non competitive inhibitor?

A molecule that binds to a site that is not the active site and changes the shape of the active site.


What is feedback inhibition?

When the end product of a metabolic pathway binds to the first enzyme involved in the pathway, thus reducing that enzymes activity.


What type of inhibition is reversible?

Competitive inhibition


Explain induced fit?

The active site has a unique shape that a complementary to the shape of the substrate molecule. When the enzyme and substrate form a complex, structural changes occur so that the active site fits precisely around the substrate.


Why are the end products of the reaction released from the active site?

They have a lower affinity for the enzyme than the substrate and are therefore released from the active site.