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Tethers, fences, baby gates, exercise pens, blinds/curtains, and environmental control are an example of what?



4 types of collars?

Martingale sight hound
Martingale limited slip
Flat collar quick release
Flat collar buckle


How loose should a flat collar be?

2 to three fingers


How do you fit a martingale collar?

Being collar to top of neck, pull d rings in and fit until you can fit two fingers in


What are the three types of head collars?

Gentle leader
Canny collar


What are the five types of training collars?

Prong, chain, electric, underground fence, bark


How do you fit a prong collar?

Bring collar in the middle of the neck, pull the d rings together and remove or add links until it fits snug. Remove link to take off collar


How to fit a choke chain?

Up all the way in the neck, and the d ring that's connected to the leash should be on top of the dogs head


How do you use a electric collar?

Any punishment should only be given two to three times in a given situation to end a behavior. Once stopped, you give a cue to a winning behavior


Why do you only use tracking harnesses in tracking or sport situations?

It encourages pulling


What are the pros and cons of retractable leashes?

P: can be used in open field situations to allow them to roam but still be attached.

C: dangerous, encourages pulling


What are the pros and cons for long lines?

P: great for recall practice, used in sports, stronger than a retractable

C: have both hands on or they can pull it out of your hands


Pros and cons of standard leashes?

P: Variety of styles, lengths, versatile

C: be careful about the weight of the leash


What are the pros and cons of waist leashes?

P: exercising, get the leash out of the clients hands, stop the habit of jerking the leash

C: dogs that are too big can pull the person down/injure them


What is DAP

Soothing pheromone for dogs