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What does unit 1 say is perhaps the most complex form of human interaction?



Which of the following documents outlines the purpose of government to protect the social rights of its citizens, chiefly among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Declaration of Independence


What does civilian control of the military mean?

Military leaders do not have any independent authority, but are the servants of the elected representatives of the people.


According to Hobbes, what would life be like without limits on an individual's behavior or if living in a state of nature?



How can the principle of federalism promote the protection of civil rights in the American federal system?

It provides both state and national governments with the ability to protect citizens from abuses of power by the other.


A prominent political scientist famously described American government as separate institutions sharing powers; Which two constitutional principles are embodied in this statement?

separation of powers and checks and balances


Classical republicanism is principally concerned with ____________ while classical liberalism is concerned with _______________.

liberty; order


How does the Constitution divide power between the three branches?

Power is not completely separated, allowing each branch to limit the other branches' exercise of power.


As discussed in the chapter, what term is used to describe each branch of government’s separate and distinct sphere of power?

separation of powers


According to Tocqueville, civic virtue means simply that individuals have interests and desires that are not solely focused on themselves. Rather, they are willing to give up some of the things they want in order to promote the common good. What did he mean by this?

People should help one another because the welfare of others affects individual welfare.


If a country has a political system where some decisions are made in local legislatures and others are made in the national legislature. Whose government would this most likely be compared to?

the U.S. system of government created in Philadelphia


Which of the following is not one of the three types of government outlined by Montesquieu?



Which of the following IS NOT an example of checks and balances in the United States Constitution?

The president can veto a Supreme Court decision, but only with the support of a two-thirds majority vote in Congress.


Which political thinker wrote The Prince, where he justified popular sovereignty, revolution, and a separation of religious and secular government?



Which of the following best describes separation of powers?

executive, legislative, and judicial branches


Who was considered to be the inventor of philosophy?



The Founders established a republican form of government. Why did they do this?

They believed elected officials could represent citizens and could be kept in check through elections.


If you were to read about a country whose government allows their president to declare war on another country, and individually coin money to fight the war without the consent of any other government official. Which of the following would best describe this system as compared with the government in the United States?

In the United States the president can neither declare nor fund a war without the vote of Congress


Which of the following would Tocqueville most likely endorse?

encouraging civic groups to help the poor


You are writing a speech for school about the need for citizens to participate in their political system. Who would you quote as the earliest proponent of this notion?