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Which of the following is true concerning the process of becoming a U.S. citizen?

A test is given to determine language skill and civic knowledge.


According to Adam Smith’s notion of the invisible hand, which of the following is the best way to enhance national wealth?

National wealth is best achieved by everyone seeking his or her own self-interest.


In unit 2, which of the following is emphasized as the most important tool available to help individuals become effective participants in the political process?

By receiving accurate and timely information


A law that forbids bands from playing in concerts when there is evidence that the band has previously engaged in illegal forms of expression is put in force. How is this not consistent with the guarantees in the First Amendment?

The law imposes prior restraint.


What does a writ of habeas corpus do?

It requires an explanation to the Court why a citizen is being held.


The phrase “the right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose” exemplifies which of the following principles?

Individuals have rights, but also have obligations to others in society.


Congress passes a law preventing individuals from engaging in particular forms of speech or expression because it is afraid the things they say or express MIGHT turn out to be illegal. Why would the Supreme Court find such a law unconstitutional?

It places a prior restraint on the expression.


What did the Founders believe was essential for the American government to succeed?

Civic Virtue from its citizens


A law makes it illegal to burn Bibles, but not other books, in public parks. How is this not consistent with the guarantees in the First Amendment?

The law is not content neutral and gives one book precedence over another.


When is a form of media considered obscene?

When most average citizens do not find it appropriate


A Civil Rights group has decided to hold a public meeting to discuss recent prejudicial acts. Some members of the group are concerned they will be arrested for participating in the meeting, especially if the meeting becomes heated. They know that previous meetings on this issue have ended in arguments and, occasionally, with violence. Which of the following best describes the Supreme Court’s history in the area of assembly?

Assembly cases are given more scrutiny when public safety is a concern.


A law that prohibits indecent material on the Internet is put into force. How is this not consistent with the guarantees in the First Amendment?

The law is too vague.


Which of the following best reflects the Founders views on self-interest and virtue?

self-interest was beneficial to the economy, but citizens of the republic needed to develop "civic virtue."


Which of the following people is ready to become a naturalized citizen of the United States?

Candidate #1, who has been a permanent resident for the specified period of time, speaks English and understands civics basics, has never been convicted of illegal activity, and is willing to take the Oath of Allegiance.


Which of the following is not a characteristic that an applicant for U.S. citizenship must demonstrate?

have a relative who currently lives in the United States


In consideration of reciprocity, which of the following examples is a reasonable limitation on one’s rights and freedoms as discussed in the lesson?

a person not being allowed to build a campfire in the forest simply because there is a high chance of forest fires.


Where did the phrase separation of church and state originate or where was it first used?

a letter written by Thomas Jefferson


A law bans the sale of wooden poles and nails to prevent people from building crosses which they might burn on people's lawns. How is this not consistent with the guarantees in the First Amendment?

The law is not the least drastic means available.


What is civic dialogue?



Which of the following is covered by the Constitutional guarantee of due process?

Those who are accused of crimes will have a fair trial.