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What are the four words used for love?

Storge- affection for things and animals
Philia- love of friends and family
Eros- sexual love
Agape- unconditional love. Like a mother and child


Many religious believers believe sex should be kept within marriage. How does this make sex special?

It celebrates the joy of sex, the giving of one person to another

Highlights responsibilities.You are committed to their needs as well as yours

It adds a spiritual dimension to the relationship. Sex is not just a physical act


What are the Christian beliefs about sex?

Should be kept for within the marriage
It should be between one man and one woman only
It's a gift from God
Casual sex is not allowed
Children are a natural result of sex


What are the islamic beliefs about sex?

Sex and marriage starts a relationship between the couple and family
should only take place within marriage
Sex is an act of worship to Allah
Polygamy is allowed if the law of the land allows it


What are the Anglican tradition of contraception?

Contraception is okay when planning a family
Both partners should agree to its use
Some may consider abortive methods are wrong


What are the catholic traditions about contraception?

artificial methods of contraception is wrong
Pope paul v1 declared this in the "humanae vitae" says that it children will strengthen the bond between husband and wife


What do Christians believe about marriage?

It's a sacrament


What is the purpose of a Christian marriage?

To have a lifelong committed relationship
To provide the best environment for children
For a sexual relationship


What is the purpose of islamic marriage?

To have children
To share love and companionship
To form the basis of family life and Muslim society


Name the parts of the service in Anglican wedding ceremonies

Declaration of no impediment
Exchange of rings
Sermon and prayers
Signing of the register


Name the parts of the service in Islamic wedding ceremonies

takes place before witnesses, in a hall, the mosque, or at home
The Nikah( legal document) is signed. it explains the responsibilities of husband and wife. The bride is not need to be present
Some Muslims exchange vows
Readings from the Qur'an to show the marriage is blessed my Allah


Why is the divorce Christians discouraged?

It breaks the promises made in front of God


What are the Anglican traditions about divorce?

Divorce is allowed if the UK law allows it


What are the Roman catholic traditions about divorce?

Divorce is not allowed
Marriage is a sacrament that cannot be broken
Some marriages can be annulled where there are good reasons


What do Christians teach about adultery?

it's against the 10 Commandments,
it breaks vows,
it is harmful to the marriage relationship and the children


What are the catholic traditions about remarriage?

Catholics may not remarry because divorce is not recognised. Wedding vows are for life. Marriage is a sacrament

Vicars decide individually if they want to remarry someone who has been divorced. Some will do a blessing after the registry office wedding


What are the islamic traditions about remarriage?

Remarriage is allowed in islam because Muhammad taught that to live in a family is important.

In Islam men and women have set roles, the woman looks after the home and the man provides for the woman. Therefore remarriage is promoted


What three steps must be taken for a muslim to divorce?

1. Parents etc, attempt to help reconcile
2. There is a 3 month waiting period. The couple don't sleep together. The husband declares 3 times "i divorce you" in front of witnesses
3. At the end of the 3 months, if the wife is not pregnant, the marriage is ended and the couple are free to remarry.


What are the islamic teachings about contraception?

Only used by married couples
Some disagree because a child is a gift from allah
Permanent methods are not allowed