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What is God like and what is its nature?

God knows everything
He is father, He cares for us
He designed the world
He is a judge, who will judge people at the end of the world
He is completely powerful


What is sanctity of life?

Life is sacred and unique. Only God has the right to determine who lives and who dies


How do people experience God?

Worship, prayer, miracles, reason the Bible, and inner feeling


How do people respond to experiencing god?

Worship, prayer, preaching, pilgrimage, the change of lifestyle


What are the Anglican tradition is about life after death?

heaven and hell
when a person dies they will be judged by God on how they have lived their lives. This is called the "day of judgement "
Their soul go to heaven and have a resurrected body


What are the Roman catholic traditions about life after death?

The belief in Purgatory. This is a place between heaven and hell. But most Catholics are not good enough to go straight to heaven but they believe in Jesus so Will not go to hell. So they go to Purgatory where there are punished before they are able to enter heaven.


What are the typical christian funeral rites?

Takes place in a church or chapel
Hymns, prayers and bible readings and a sermon is often included
Some includes a eucharist
Tribute to the person who died
Body is either cremated or buried
"Dust to dust, ashes to ashes" these words are said as the body commits to the ground/ furnace


What is the typical islamic funeral rite?

read the Qur'an and offer prayers
The last words to be heard should be the Adhan ( call to prayer)
Body is washed 3 times and perfume is applied
The body is wrapped in a shroud
The Imam leads prayers
Only attended by men and it takes place within 24 hrs
Usually burial, body facing Makkah on its right side


What are the points of islam and akhirah (life after death)?

judged on the day of judgement
Allah knows the time of the persons life and death before they're born
A dying person is helped to recite the shahada. They should lie face Makkah and the last words here should be the adhan
The body is washed and prepared for the funeral
The Imam lead prayers. Only men attend.
So is taken straight after death by the angel of death to wait until the day of judgement


What are reasons to suggest that it is important to live in a secular society?

It's been around for thousands of years
It gives clear guidance on how to live
If provide suppose a guidance during special or difficult times
Many religious believers help others in need
Religion helps answer ultimate questions such as "why are we here ".


What a point to suggest that it's not important to live in A secular society?

Holy days are not important, the needs of the world matter more
The rules of religions are not relevant for today
People now have more things to do at the weekend
Few people are brought up to be religious so it's no longer so elegant


Name a christian and muslim symbol

The crucifix
The star and crescent moon


What do Christians believe about free will?

Go crazy people with free well
From the action to be truly humanist come from a freely may choice, otherwise people will be the same as robots
Human decisions and choices are not perfect because of the fall
Many things affect how free we are in the decisions we make


What are the Islamic beliefs about allah?

Allah is;
Requires obedience
A creator


What are the responses to Allah -Islamic religious traditions?

Read the Koran
Leading the sort of life and Allah requires


What are the key word to experience God and what are the meanings?

Awe-A sense of wonder what God has done
Regulation-when you understand something about God for the first time, or have an experience of God, example, during a sermon or because you have experienced a miracle