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What are the 3 reasons for prejudice?

Peer pressure
Previous experience


What do Christians teach about prejudice and discrimination?

It is against Christian belief
everyone is equal
The 10 Commandments encourage people to live in harmony
Jesus taught love and acceptance, e.g. The good samaritan


What are the Anglican to traditions about women?

take a full part in church worship
both men and women represented in the leadership


What are the Roman Catholic traditions about women?

Women cannot be ordained as priests because Jesus only had male disciples
cannot read the gospels aloud , serve the altar, or listen to confessions
Women are allowed to read other parts of the bible and lead prayers and worship in the Church


What are the traditional Christian teachings about same-sex relationships?

It is accepted
The thoughts are not a sin but to practice it is.
Should remain celibate
It is condemned by st. Paul
Marriage was given by God for one man and one woman, to create children


What are the liberal Christian teachings about same-sex relationships?

Society has changed, so must christian attitudes
Jesus treated people with love and compassion, so should we
Some believe long-term relationship should be blessed


What are the islamic teachings about same-sex relationships?

It is haram( forbidden behaviour)
The Qur'an states that homosexuals should be put to death
Marriage is the foundations of society, homosexuality destroys this
The purpose of sex is to produce children. Homos can't


What Is christian aid?

Agency that represents the Council of churches
Provides help in times of emergency.
It is involved in long term projects e.g. In Kenya they help to provide clean water and toilet facilities
They provide education
An anual Christian aid week raises money for the charity


What is The catholic Association for racial justice?

They raise awareness of different cultural issues and racial justice
They educate people, and offer help for refugees and asylum seekers
Motivated my jesus' teaching to love eachother


What are the Christian attitudes towards wealth ?

It's not the most important thing
The Bible says that God will provide them
Material wealth should be shared
True giving involves sacrifice
Wealth does not make you important to God
The way you in earn money is as important as what you do with it.


What are the is islamic attitudes towards wealth?

Wealth is a gift from Allah
Shouldn't be gained through dishonest means
Gambling is forbidden
Expected to pay zakat
People will be judged on the day of judgement according to how they have used the money
Sadaquah-money over and above zakat should be given if possible


What is islamic relief?

Promotes justice
Help raise funds for people who suffer
Caring for humans no matter what age or race is central to the Islamic faith
Emergency relief is provided