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How are humans different from animals?

Higher intelligence
A conscience
Highly developed language
A soul


What is the purpose of life according to Christians?

To be a steward
To obey God
To have children
To serve God and live for him
To care for people


What is the purpose of life in islam?

To be khalifahs (stewards)
Respect the world around them
Obey allah and follow him
Care for others and share their faith with them


What are the Christian beliefs about the soul?

Humans are created with the soul
Allows them to relate to God
It's the "real "you
The image of God in the person
It lives on after the body has died


What are the Islamic beliefs about the soul?

Allah gave people a soul
When a Muslim dies two angels ask the soul 2questions
Goes to answer these questions will stay in comfort until the day of judgement


What are the days of creation Christian and Jewish religions believes?

Day one-light and dark
Day two-sea and sky
Day three-land, sea and plants
Day four- sun, moon and stars
Day five-birds and fish
Day six-animals in people
Day seven- god rested