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Deforestation definition?

Process by which natural forests cleared through logging and burning. Used for wood or area


6 reasons for deforestation?

Population pressure, mineral extraction, energy development, commercial logging, commercial and subsistence farming, road networks


What is slash and burn?

Clearing and burning forest


Logging definition?

Cutting down trees for sale as timber or pulp


Minerals extracted from mines?

Iron, manganese, nickel, tin, bauxite, beryllium, copper, lead, tungsten, zinc and gold


What is lost when forest is cleared?



What releases CO2 contributing to climate change and absorbs CO2?

Released by burning trees and absorbed by trees


What are soils like after deforestation?

Not fertile. Quickly exhausted, susceptible to soil erosion


1 social -ve of deforestation?

Affects indigenous people


4 economic +ve of deforestation?

- Improved transportation means easier access
- logging, farming and mining creates jobs
- lots of money from selling resources
- tax on resources can be used to improve education, health, etc.


3 economic -ve of deforestation?

- profits from large-scale farming and selling resources often go to large companies set up in TRF.
- small-scale farmers lose out
- resources later use up or destroyed that countries depend on


1 environmental +ve of deforestation?

Vital source of medicines


6 environmental -ve of deforestation

- loss of biodiversity and habitats
- losing genetic resource and potential medicines
- even when grown back, wouldn't be same as before
- some trees take many years to grow bak
- nutrient cycle destroyed as no interception means soil erosion
- More CO2 in atmosphere, add on to greenhouse effect, as less trees to absorb and burning trees adds CO2