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Climate of desert? Rainfall and temperature during day and night?

Less than 250mm per year.
Day to night temperatures fluctuate drastically from 50˚C during day to below 0˚C usually


What is soil like in desert?

Usually shallow, isn't very fertile and dry


Where are deserts located?

In bands on Tropics. mostly found in dry continental interiors


What is interdependence?

The dependence of 2 or more people or things on each other


How does fatty hump on camel help?

Provides energy in times of food shortages


How does large surface area to volume ratio on camel help?

Maximises heat loss


How does thick fur on top of camel body and thin fur elsewhere help?

For shade, and thin fur elsewhere to allow easy heat loss


How does large, flat feet on camel help?

Spread their weight on sand


How does slit-like nostrils and two rows of eyelashes help camel?

Helps keep sand out of eyes


What do succulents in plants do?

Where water is stored in leaves or stems


Why does slower-growing plants help in deserts?

Requires less energy and don't have to make as much food, thus do not lose as much water


Why do plants have small-life cycles?

Some plants germinate in response to rain, grow, flower and die within one year


How do long root systems in plants help?

Spread out wide or go deep into ground to absorb more water


How do spines (or small leaves) help plants?

Gives plant low surface area, reducing transpiration and water loss
Spines discourage animals from eating plants for water


How does the waxy coating on stems and leaves on plant help?

Helps to reduce water loss


What is point of no leaves or small seasonal leaves that only grow after it rains on plants?

Helps to reduce water loss during photosynthesis. These plants conduct photosynthesis in their green stems


Why are some animals nocturnal?

Stay cool during day by sleeping in burrows or in shade and come out and hunt at night


Whereabouts in desert is biodiversity highest?

In areas with water