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What is selective logging and replanting? Pros and cons?

Loggers choose only wood that is highly valued to cut down and then replace trees
+ve: more sustainable than clear felling
-ve: takes many years to grow back and may affect other trees


2 benefits of ecotourism?

Local guides - educate tourists about how to protect/manage TRF
Small scale and expensive profits go into local area to help preserve/conserve


Why are international agreements not always successful?

Not every country agrees/signs up


How does debt reduction link to sustainable management?

Poorer countries have portions of their debts wiped out or paid for in exchange for promising to protect/conserve natural environment


What does FSC stand for and what do they do?

Forest Stewardship Council, mark their sustainability-sourced timber products with their logo


What have Malaysia done to become sustainable?

Selective Logging and replanting


What is sustainable use of forest?

Uses that allow current generations to make a living from forest without damaging it for future generations to use.


How does conservation and education link to sustainable management?

TRF preserved in conservation areas, which can be used for education, scientific research and tourism.


Benefit of education and conservation?

Area isn't cut down and people are educated about damage of deforestation, encouraging them to buy sustainably-sourced products


6 ways of sustainably managing TRFs?

Selective logging, replanting, ecotourism, international agreements, reduced debts, education and conservation


What do Malaysia do for tier selective management system? What do they do before and after felling? each stage form 2 years before felling to 30-40 years after

- 2 years before: study to identify what is there
- 1 year before: certain trees marked for felling, arrows painted to indicate direction of felling
- Felling: trees felled by licence holders
- 3-6 months after: survey to check what has been felled. Prosecution if failure
- 2 years after: treatment plan drawn up to restore
- 5-10 years after: remedial and regeneration work. Replacement trees planted
- 30-40years after: cycle begins again