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The difference in right and wrong.




Act that is permissible or in conformity with the law of the land



Codes, principles, and values that shape people's interactions with others

Personal Ethics


Shared set of beliefs derived from what a person is taught by family, church or other group.




Principles and beliefs that are most important to the individual.

Stable, enduring goals that a person has for life.



Branch of applied ethics that focuses on rules, principles, and standards in the context of business activities.

Priciples/beliefs that are the foundation of an organization's culture.

Organizational ethics


Concerns issues relating to the world as a whole. Involvement happens because of the ethics the organization creates out of care and concern for individuals.

Societal Issues


Concerns policies that affect its customers, employees, suppliers, and people within the community.

Issues effect those that depend on the company. Example would be moving an operation overseas

Stakeholder Issues


Concerns internal relationships between a company and its employees. Examples include fairness in management, pay, and employee participation.

Issues effect employees. Example would be 'Equal pay for equal work'.

Internal Policy Issues


Concerns how people treat others in their organization. Examples include gossiping at work or taking credit for another's work.


Relates to individuals and how they feel they are treated or valued at work. Example would be a manager bullying or belittling an employee. 

Personal Issues


How does a company's ethical behavior impact organizational outcomes?

Ethical behavior can attract the attention of more talented employees and attracts customers.


How does a company's unethical behavior impact organizational outcomes?

Unethical behavior will push customers and employees to break ties with an organization they believe to reflect negatively on them by being associated. 


Speaking the truth, respecting my elders, and never purposely hurting someone are examples of _________  ethics.




Offering paid services on your time off to a company customer is an example of a _____________?

Conflict of Interest


__________ reflects beliefs about what is right and what is wrong.




Being punctual, refraining from gossip, and having good time management are examples of _________  ethics.



__________ are the principles that are counted as most important to the individual.




__________ are the principles that are counted as most important to the individual.




The below is an example of?

A police officer may personally believe that a law that he is required to enforce is wrong. However, under the Code of Conduct for the New Zealand Police, he is required to obey all lawful and reasonable instructions to enforce that law unless there is good and sufficient cause to do otherwise.


When personal and professional ethics may conflict. 


Where do an organization's ethics tend to start? 

 They start at the top and trickle down


What is a code of ethics?

Rules of conduct based on an organization's core values.


What is included in a company's code of ethics?

Company's values, vision for the future, and ethical / moral standards


Define the term greenwashing.

When a company promotes CSR but in reality acts against it's own pronounced values.


Define the term internal transparency.

Having an open dialog of information within a company or organization


What steps can organizations take to encourage transparent practices?

Having an open-door policy for all employees. Guarantee a process for employees to air their thoughts or complaints without fear of retribution.  Equality in treatment of employees.


Why was Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) passed?

To prevent corporate financial fraud. To protect shareholders, and the public.


Who is considered a whistleblower?

Someone that reveals wrong doing by the business they work for. 


Which of the following is true about Corporate Social Responsibility? 
(A)  It can be framed as a response to public backlash for a long track record of harming environments

(B) It guarantees the company is acting ethically;

C)  It encourages promotion from within the organzation

(D) It comes at little additional cost to the organization.  

(D) It comes at little additional cost to the organization.  


Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important to an organization and its local community? (A) It helps promotes a caring company culture; (B) It immediately increases the profit margin; (C) Increase long-term profits and shareholder trust; (D) It provides good marketing material and ways for the company to advertise.

(C) Increase long-term profits and shareholder trust;


XYZ Inc. uses images of a leafy forest to promote their Green-Clean Cleaning Wipes. They advertise the wipes as being biodegradable, but the chemicals in the wipes do not break down well in the environment and the plastic container is definitely not biodegradable.  This is an example of _______

(A) code of ethics

(B) greenwashing

(C) whistleblowing

(D) Morals

(B) greenwashing