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What is the function of the testes?

Produces sperm and testosterone.


What is the function of the prostate gland and the seminal vesicle?

To secrete fluids to maintain mobility and viability of sperm.


What is the seminal vesicles specific role?

The seminal vesicles secrete a liquid rich in fructose sugar. This sugar provides the sperm with energy for mobility following their release at ejaculation. The liquid also contains a hormone like compound that stimulate contractions in the female reproductive tract, which help the sperm to move at a much faster rate.


What is the specific role of the prostate gland?

The prostate gland secretes a thin lubricating liquid containing enzymes. The enzymes maintain the fluid medium at the optimum viscosity for sperm mobility.


What are sperm?

The male gamete.


What cells are sperm produced from?

Germline cells.


What would happen if the seminal liquid was not the right viscosity?

The sperm would not be able to swim properly.


Along with sperm what do the testes also produce?

the hormone testosterone.


What cells are testosterone produced in?

The interstitial cells.


What do ovaries contain?

Ova at different stages of development.


What is each ovum surrounded by and what does this do?

Each ovum is surrounded by a follicle which secretes hormones and protects the developing ova.


Following the process of ovulation where are mature ova released and what may occur?

Following the process of ovulation, mature ova are released into the oviduct where fertilisation may occur if sexual intercourse has taken place.


What is a fertilised egg cell/ova known as?

A zygote.


What is fertilisation?

Fertilisation is the fusion of the nucleus from a sperm cell with the nucleus from the ova and it occurs in the oviduct.


What does the zygote do after fertilisation?

The zygote begins to proliferate into a ball of cells which implants into the endometrium for development.


What happens to the ova if fertilisation does not occur?

The unfertilised ova passes out the body in a period.