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What federal fort in South Carolina was assaulted signifying the start of the American Civil war?

Fort Sumter


What occurs in the sough after President Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers in response to the attack on the federal fort in South Carolina?

4 more slave state secede from the union


What are two advantages of the US at the start of the civil war?

Larger population
More railroads
More industry
Large navy


What are two advantages of the CSA at the start at the start of the civil war?

had experienced military leaders
defensive war


Who was first asked by the US government to lead the armed forces to put down the southern rebellion? He will refuse this position and become one of the most beloved general in US history?

Robert E Less


What about the Battle of Bull Run foreshadowed the entire civil war?

It would be long and bloody


What CSA general gained popularity quickly after the Battle of Bull Run for his actions under fire?

Stonewall Jackson


What is the name of the US plan for victory?

Anaconda Plan


Why is General Grant a successful commander?

He fights alongside his men


What occurred on the first day of the Battle of Shiloh that gave the CSA the advantage?

Grant and his forces were taken by surprise as they were resting


What happened at the Battle of Shiloh that showed the strength of Ulysses S Grant?

His stubbornness and willingness to fight the enemy


Why is the city of New Orleans so important to the CSA?

It was the largest southern city
A strategic city - near the mouth of the Mississippi Rive


What did the US gain control after their victories at Shiloh and New Orleans?

Mississippi Valley