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In the Compromise of 1850, which condition appeased the southern states?

Fugitive slave law


In the Compromise of 1850, which condition appeased the northern states?

California became a free state


When a new territory applies for statehood in the Union what immediate problem arises?

Whether it will become a free or slave state


In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the US acquired the Mexican Cession. With this new territory, how was it decided upon to be a slave territory or a free territory?

Popular Sovereignty


Someone with extreme views against slavery is know as a what?



Someone with extreme views in favor of slavery is know as a what?



Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Harriet Beecher Stowe


What is the significance of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Further divided the country along sectional lines


What is Popular Sovereignty?

It is when an issue is decided upon through elections of the residents of that state


Due to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, why was there a rush for northerners and southerners to settle in the Kansas territory?

Popular sovereignty decided the slavery issue


Why did the first elections held in Kansas prove to be more difficult than expected?

Illegal voting occurred due to many crossing into Kansas form Missouri


Bleeding Kansas occurred due to:

The formation of two separate governments
Differences between pro-slavery populations and anti-slavery populations in Kansas
Influences from the slave state Missouri


What party did Abraham Lincoln represent as their candidate in 1860?



What was Dred Scott"s reasoning for suing for his freedom?

He had been a resident of a free state for an extended period of time


Which is NOT true about the verdict of the Dred Scott Case?

Dred Scott was a citizen in a free state therefore is legally free.


What was the significance of the Dred Scott Case?

It appeared that the expansion of slavery could not be stopped
It increased tensions between the North and South
Attributes to the escalation of the Civil War


What was the purposed of John Brown's Raid?

To over throw the institution of slavery


What did NOT occur that was essential to executing John Brown's plan?

The aid of all slaves to fight with Brown's militia


How did the northerners see John Brown?

As a Martyr


How did the southerners see John Brown?

As a Blood Thirsty Fanatic


In the Election of 1860 what occurred that allowed an easy victory for Abraham Lincoln?

The south divided its vote into three


What was Lincoln"s position on Slavery?

He wanted to prevent slavery from expanding


After the election of 1860 what happened in the south before Lincoln was inaugurated?

The seven deep south states seceded from the union


How did the southern states justify their separation from the Union?

The states came willingly to form the union therefore they could leave willingly


What was the US argument against the separation?

They have to follow the supremacy clause since they signed the constitution
The south can't choose what they want to follow and not follow
Majority rules and they have to accept the outcome of the election