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Charles V

-holy roman emperor
-Philip II (Spain)'s Father
-preoccupied with other parts of the empire, couldn't focus on germany's religious issues



-bread and wine literally transform into the body and blood of Jesus (Catholic belief)



-bread and wine coexists with the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist


Henry VIII

-Broke from roman church because Pope Clement wouldn't grant an annulment
-Anglican Church, Act of supremacy
-STILL CATHOLIC, just not a part of the church of Rome


Act of supremacy

-English parliament declared Henry VIII head of the Catholic Church of England


English Reformation (people)

-Henry VIII- church breaks off but still catholic
-Edward VI- Zwingli, book of common prayer, Act of Uniformity
-Mary I- "bloody mary" very catholic, persecuted protestants
-Elizabeth I- elizabethan settlement, golden age, move to protestantism, 39 articles


Peace of Augsburg

-Holy Roman Empire (Germany)
-Princes chose between Catholicism and Lutheranism
-forms the Catholic League and Protestant Union
-leads to the start of the 30 years war


Ignatius Loyola

-warrior and founder of the Society of Jesus
-(Jesuits)warriors of the pope
-fought through education and persuasion in favor of the catholic church (Catholic Reformation)


John Knox

-Aided in the spread of Protestantism (specifically Calvinism) to Scotland (presbyterianism)


Elizabeth I

-Elizabethan settlement
-new book of common prayer (vague and open to interpretation)
-39 articles (cements these practices)
-golden age,
-supported the dutch,
-defends against Philip II's Spanish Armada



followers of the society of Jesus
-generally nonviolent


Edict of Worms

-Charles V calls Luther an outlaw
-bans the reading and production of his books under the jurisdiction of the empire


Johann Tetzel

-Pope Leo X allows Tetzel to sell indulgences (medieval car salesman)
-fund the building of St. Peter's Basilica
-luther responds with the 95 theses


Catholic Reformation

movement to revive Catholic spirituality in Europe.


Council of Trent

-RCC reaffirms traditional doctrines
-reforms actions (improves education for priests and celibacy).
-Originally to unite Protestantism and Catholicism but ultimately just reforms RCC.


Peasant's War

-luther's "priesthood of all believers" led them to revolt against high taxation and unfair jurisdiction of the church
-Luther wrote a book bashing the peasants and taking the side of the german princes, who protected him from Charles V


Act of Uniformity

-set the order of prayer to be used in the English Book of Common Prayer
-All persons had to go to church once a week or be fined 12 pence, a considerable sum for the poor.
-Under Edward VI


Philip II (Spain)

-"Catholic Protector"
-Charles V's son
-inherits burgundy (netherlands)
-increased taxes, religious rules, and the inquisition.
-in revolt, the people destroy symbols of catholicism
-10 provinces eventually join spain in the union of arras
-Philip was pissed at Elizabeth because she wouldn't marry him,
-Philip wanted to restore a Catholic English Monarchy