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what are the 2 houses in congress?

election cycle?
requirements ?

house of representatives and senate

HOR= 2 year term, senate= 6 year term
25, citizen 7 years, 30, citizen 9 years


what are the 4 concurrent powers?

-constitutional amendments
-declaring war
-confirming vice president
-passing legislation


what are the exclusive powers of …
house of representatives? (3)

senate ?(4)

-initiate money bills
-elect president if EC deadlocked(1800/24)
-bring cases of impeachment e.g. bill Clinton 1998

-confirm presidential appointments
-elect vice president if EC deadlocked
-try cases of impeachment
-ratify treaties


What is the significance of incumbency? (5)

-name recognition
-legislative record
-congressional franking privileges
-gerrymandering, manipulated
-house/senate dedicated website


features of congressional elections? (3)

-win primary to become candidate for party
-win seat by FPTP on election day


factors effecting voting in congress?(4)

-pressure groups and lobbyists
-party and partisanship
-congressional caucuses


what is the legislative process? (8)

-second reading/vote
-third reading/vote
-conference committee (both)
-house/senate approval
-presidential action


strengths of legislative process? (4)

weaknesses ?(3)

-high level scrutiny
-protects state rights
-prevents tyranny of majority
-unanimous consent

-lack of bipartisanship leads to gridlock
-focus on re-election rather than legislation


what are congress's oversight powers? (6)

-determining funding
-declaring war
-ratification of federal justices
-ratification of treaties
-investigation of executive action


what are the factors regarding oversight of congress and presidency? (5)

-HOR and senate presided by same party
-when next election is
-which branch has recent mandate
-poll ratings/popularity
-national circumstances


what are the methods congress uses to oversee the supreme court? (5)

-ratification of judicial nominees
-creation of lower courts
-impeachment of justices
-congress's determination of the no. of justices
-initiate constitutional amendment to overturn supreme court ruling


who does congress represent? (6)

-districts/ states as a whole
-individual constituents
-their party
-congressional caucuses
-interest groups
-descriptive representation


House of representatives is effective ?(4)

-shorter election cycle -responsive
-congressional politicians represent smaller numbers
-party discipline stronger in house
-based on population more populous better represented


the senate is effective? (4)

-represent view as a whole state
-unanimous consent allows power
-unanimous consent allows party discipline weaker
-six year terms 'get on with it'


changing roles in constitutional powers?
-declaration of war
-passing budget
-passing legislation

-developed weapons, authorisations in use of military
-increased bipartisanship, arguments
-lack of bipartisanship low legislation more executive orders


parties are important? (3)

not important ?(3)

-increase partisan, gov shutdowns, low leg
-diff parties control presidency in congress
-control appointments

-parties 'broad churches'
-party discipline weak
-unanimous consent gives senators individual power


the legislative function good? (2)

bad (3)

-well scrutinised lengthy process
-increased divided gov, reduces tyranny

-lack of legislative output
-difficult to overturn veto
-presidential bills largely unhindered