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The process of making wine is called...



What is the process called for releasing the juice from freshly-picked grapes?


For white wines this is one of the very first steps in the winemaking process.


What happens with black grapes after they are crushed and the juice is released?

Typically they would then go to the fermentation vessel.


What happens with white grapes after they are crushed and the juice is released?

Typically, white grapes and juice would then go to the press, where the remaining juice would be pressed off or released from the skins.


For red grapes, what is done to maximize extraction of color and tannins?

The skins are mixed thoroughly with the juice

There are a number of ways to do this: punch-down the skins into the juice, pump the juice over the skins, mix the tank with paddles, or roll the tank.


For red wines, when is the juice drained off the skins?

Usually after fermentation has completed,  although some producers may leave the skins in the juice for longer to get more color and tannins into the wine.


What types of vessels can wine be matured in?

Stainless steel tanks and oak barrels.


When making rosé wine, how long is the juice in contact with the skins?

Only a few hours



In terms of skin contact, what is the difference between making white wine and red wine?

White wines usually have little or no skin contact, while red wines often have an extended period of skin contact, either before or after fermentation.

Rosé wines only have a few hours of skin contact.

True or False:


White wines can be made from black grapes



There are many examples of black grapes being used to make white wines - the most famous is perhaps Champagne.


List the steps in the white winemaking process

The steps to make white wine:

  • Crushing,
  • Pressing,
  • Fermentation,
  • Maturation, and
  • Bottling.


List the steps in the red winemaking process

The steps to make red wine:

  • Crushing,
  • Fermentation,
  • Draining,
  • Pressing,
  • Maturation, and
  • Bottling.


List the steps in the rosé winemaking process:

The steps to make rosé wine:

  • Crushing
  • Fermentation
  • Draining (after just a few hours)
  • Maturation
  • Bottling