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How should wine be stored long-term?

Wine should be kept at a cool and constant temperature.

Generally, at least 50% humidity.

Extremes in heat and cold, as well as changes in temperature can damage the wine.

True or False:

Wine can be stored in direct sunlight or bright light.


Wine should be stored away from strong sunshine and bright artificial light to avoid making the wine taste stale or old.


How should wine under cork be stored?

If wine is sealed with a cork then it should be stored on its side to avoid the cork drying out.


What temperature should white, sparkling, and rosé wines be served at?

Sweet: well chilled (6º-8º C / 43° - 46° F)

Sparkling: well chilled (6º-10º C / 43° - 50° F)

Light-, medium-bodied white and rosé: chilled (7º-10º C / 44° - 50° F)

Full-bodied white: lightly chilled (10º-13º C / 50° - 56° F)


What temperature should red wines be served at?

Medium-, full-bodied: room temperature (15º-18º C / 59º-64º F)

Light-bodied: lightly chilled (13ºC / 55º F)

True or False:

You can heat wine by placing it close to a radiator.


Attempting to heat wine quickly or otherwise can damage the flavors.


What do all the best wine glasses have in common?

The best glassses have a bowl that narrows at the rim to allow the aromas of the wine to be concentrated inside the glass.

Glasses with openings larger than the bowl allow for too much air in the glass, thus making it a challenge to get an accurate impression of the aromas.


How do you open a bottle of still wine?

  1. Remove the top of the capsule
  2. Clean the neck of the bottle with a cloth
  3. Center the corkscrew in the middle of the cork and screw into the cork
  4. Gently draw the cork out using the lever of the corkscrew
  5. Wipe around the inside and outside of the neck with a cloth


How do you open a bottle of sparkling wine?

  1. Remove the foil and loosen the wire cage
  2. Keep your hand over the cork until it is safely out of the bottle
  3. Hold the bottle at an angle, holding the cork in one hand and the base of the bottle in the other
  4. Turn the bottle and release the cork gently

Try to avoid a loud POP! Rather, you should aim for a gentle release.


What are the steps you should take to ensure the wine looks and tastes its best?

  • Check the appearance of the wine for haziness and any bits floating 
  • Check the aroma for any faults (wet cardboard or vinegar) 


What are two methods for keeping a bottle of wine fresh for longer?

  1. Vacuum system - relies on a pump to remove air from inside the bottle
  2. Blanket system - pumps a gas into the bottle which pushes the air out (the gas is inert and does not harm the wine)


What can excessive heat do to a bottle of wine?

Excessive heat will damage the gentle flavors in a wine and make it taste "off" or cooked.


Flavors such as caramel or stewed tomato are common to wine that has been subjected to heat.


What can happen if a cork dries out while in a bottle?

Air can get in the bottle and potentially spoil the wine, making it taste stale.

True or False:

Wine sealed with a screw cap must be stored on its side.


The screw cap creates an air-tight seal and the bottle can be stored in any position since the closure will not dry out.


What should a host do about their guest's preferences in wine service temperature?

Respect those preferences and serve the wine at the guest's temperature request, even if this may be counter to normal guidelines.


What can help an ice bucket work more efficiently?

Filling it half-way with water

This allows the cold from the ice to get around the bottle better, and it is easier to place the bottle in the bucket.


What is the most important thing to remember when opening a bottle of sparkling wine?

Controlling the cork

It can be a dangerous projectile otherwise.