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English Civil War/Regicide

Growing dislike in England with the Stuarts and king Charles
people who are loyal to the king vs loyal to parliament
parliament wins
king Charles is killed


Native wars

1. Jamestown and Virginia vs the Powhatan confederacy (1622)
2. Pequot wars of New England (1637)
3. King Phillip's (Metacomet's) war in NE (1675-78)
4. Bacon's rebellion and war against Susquehanna (and Doeg) Indians (1675-76)


King William's war

Fought in NA between New France and New England


War of Spanish succession

Queen Anne's war
Carolinians fight Spanish in NA
Continually attacked by French and Natives


War of Austrian succession

King George's war
Grows from a smaller conflict ("war of Jenkin's ear")
-English and colonial trade with Spanish
Georgia based attacks on Florida (Spanish)
New Englanders take Louisburg on Cape Breton island
Iroquois join English against French
French Guerrilla tactics in New York and New England


Seven Year's war

French and Indian war
Global conflict
Split Europe into 2 (British vs France)


Battle of the wilderness/Monogahela

French/Natives hear the British coming and set up an ambush
Major French/Native victory
disaster for British, General Braddock dies
Washington leads the retreat


Lexington Common

Minute men confront the British
told to put down their weapons but they don't listen
"a shot rang out"
70 minute me vs 700 Brits
British march on to Concord



British don't find anything at concord
Turn around to head back and are met by 100's to 1000's of colonials hiding and waiting for them
bigger loss for British than colonials


Bunker/Breed's hill

During the siege of Boston
Win for Britain but they suffered bigger losses than Am
Showed GB that minute men could stand up the the British army



Big Patriot win against general Burgoyne
Patriots surrounded the British and Burgoyne retreated
Turning point in the war for the patriots because it won them foreign aid


French Revolution

Goals of the French are similar to the Am rev
Am offers formal Recognition of revolutionary France
A lot of Americans are displeased with how bloody the war becomes


Undeclared naval war

Between America and France
See Am as enemy after trading treaty with English
"quasi war"
Fought mostly in the Caribbean
Adams builds up Am Navy and Army
They never declare war
Am renounces their treaty with France


Napoleonic Wars

Between Napoleon and GB
Both sides blockade each other from trading
Bad for Am trade and economy
Seizure of Am vessels by Britain
America Stops trading with all countries in an effort to get Britain to remove their blockade


Mr. Madison's war

Doesn't go well for Am
Fighting takes place mostly in BNA (Canada)
America tries to launch a simultaneous 3 part attack