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The LU is the center of ___ circulation. The spirit of the LU is the ______ which is responsible for _______

physical awareness of the body


____ qi is responsible for exhalation
____ qi is responsible for inhalation



What are the LU deficiency patterns?

Wind cold deficiency
LU qi deficiency
LU yin deficiency


What are the LU excess patterns?

Wind cold excess
Wind heat
excess heat in LU
phlegm heat in LU
phlegm damp in LU


Wind cold deficiency is also known as ________
List signs and symptoms of wind cold deficiency

Tai Yang deficiency
fever & chills, mild sweat w/o resolution, floating moderate pulse, sneezing, sniffling, coughing, general sense of malaise, mild body aches


The treatment principle for wind cold deficiency is ______

clear exterior, expel cold, stop sweat/harmonize ying and wei


LU Qi deficiency can be caused by _______
List signs and symptoms of LU Qi deficiency

poor diet, taxation fatigue, excessive grief, smoking

chronic, weak cough, tendency to lose voice, shortness of breath, symptoms worse w/ exhaustion, weak soft voice, impairment in sense of smell, frequent colds/flus, spontaneous sweat, aversion to drafts, fatigue, tongue - pale, swollen, thin white fur, weak pulse


Treatment principle for LU qi deficiency is _________

strengthen LU, tonify qi


LU yin deficiency can be caused by __________

List signs and symptoms of LU yin deficiency

aging, frequent febrile illness, smoking

weak chronic dry cough, worse at night, chronic low grade sore throat, mallor flush, night sweats especially in upper jiao, dry mouth, lips throat, thirst w/ desire for cold drinks, sweating of hands/chest particularly at night, dark scanty urine, pulse - thin, rapid, tongue - red, dry, possibly cracked, thin dry yellow coat


Treatment principle for LU yin deficiency is _______

strengthen LU, nourish yin


List signs and symptoms for wind cold excess pattern

chills, fever, floating tight pulse, no sweat, body aches, occipital headache, stiff achy neck & shoulders, cough, sneezing, stuffy nose w/ clear white mucus, scratchy tight throat, tightness in chest, wheezing


Treatment principel for wind cold excess is _________

clear exterior, expel cold by promoting sweat


List signs and symptoms for wind heat pattern

fever, chills w/ fever predominant, rapid, floating pulse, sweat, sneezing, cough, loud barking cough, yellow sputum, severe headache, severe sore throat, strong thirst w/ desire for cold, tongue - red tongue tip


Treatment principle for wind heat pattern is _______

clear exterior heat / clear heat from wei aspect


Excess heat in LU is also known as ________
List signs and symptoms for excess heat in LU

Yang Ming Channel pattern / Qi Level heat

4 bigs, loud aggressive barking cough, facial flush, minimal amount of sticky yellow sputum, severe sore throat w/ bright red swollen tissue, dark scanty urine, possible constipation, mild shen disturbance
tongue - bright red especially at tip, thin dry yellow coat


Treatment principle for excess heat in LU is _______

clear heat, drain fire from LU


Phlegm heat in the LU can be acute or chronic. List possible causes for each.
List signs and symptoms of phlegm heat in the LU

acute - excess heat enters LU w/ existing weak SP or tendency toward dampness
chronic - long term smoking -> LU heat + LU Qi deficiency

loud, aggressive, phlegmy cough, sticky thick yellow phlegm, possibly blood streaked, facial flushing, heavy head, heavy limbs, heavy body, heavy distending headache, poor appetite, strong thirst w/ no desire to drink, oppression in chest, dark scanty turbid urine
pulse - slippery and rapid, tongue - red, thick greasy yellow fur


Treatment principle for phlegm heat in LU is _______

clear heat, transform phlegm, regulate LU qi


Phlegm damp in the LU tends to be caused by ______

List signs and symptoms of phlegm damp in LU

weak SP + weak wei qi

phlegmy, rattling, wheezing type cough, expectoration of profuse amounts of clear, white phlegm, nasal discharge w/ thin clear mucus, heavy headaches, worse upon waking up, all symptoms worse in damp, humid weather, poor appetite, heavy stuffy chest, fatigue, heavy limbs/body, fatigue after eating, fungal/yeast infections
pulse - slippery, tongue - pale swollen, thick greasy white fur


List excess and deficiency patterns of the LI

fluid deficiency
blood deficiency
excess heat
damp heat


List signs and symptoms of fluid deficiency in LI

chronic low grade constipation w/ stools that are dry but not hard, dryness w/o heat, dry eyes, dry mouth w/ no thirst, dry skin, dry hair, vaginal dryness, scanty urine not dark yellow, pulse - thin, tongue - dry, thin cracked tongue, thin dry white coat


Treatment principle for fluid deficiency in LI is ______

moisten intestines, generate fluids, move bowels


Blood deficiency in LI can be caused by _____
List signs and symptoms of blood deficiency in LI

aging, post-partum

chronic constipation - stool dry but not hard, blurry vision, floaters, dry skin/hair, brittle hair falling out, pale complexion, tight muscles, insomnia - trouble falling asleep, restless sleep, profuse vivid dreams, anxiety, short term memory problems, muscle twitches, slight tremor
pulse - thin, tongue - pale, dry, thin dry coat


Excess heat in LI is also known as ______
List signs and symptoms of excess heat in LI

Yang Ming organ syndrome

acute onset severe constipation, stools - hard and dry, abdominal cramping, no appetite, low grade fever, mild sweat, slight shen disturbance, thirst w/ desire for cold drinks, dark scanty urine, pulse - deep, rapid full
tongue - red, dry, thin dry yello fur


Damp heat in LI tends to be caused by _________
List signs and symptoms of damp heat in LI

LV overracting on SP - LV stagnation generates heat, overracting on SP causes damp - damp-heat pours into LI

abdominal cramping w/ diarrhea, burning diarrhea, sticky stool, foul odor, inflammatory bowel disease, bright red blood in stool, low grade fever, sweat, heavy head/limbs/body, fatigue, thirst w/ no desire to drink, dark turbid urine, blood in urine
pulse - slippery, rapid
tongue - bright red tongue, thick greasy yellow coat


Treatment principle for damp heat in LI is __________

clear heat, drain damp, regulate qi, stop diarrhea