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Dryness patterns can be divided into _________

external wind-dryness
internal dryness / fluid deficiency


Describe symptoms of external wind-dryness

floating, thin pulse, simultaneous fever & chills, sneezing w/ very little sticky sputum, bloody nose, blood clots in nasal discharge, dry lips, dry mouth, dry throat, thirst w/ no preference for cold, dry cough w/ sticky clear phlegm, tongue w/ tip dryer than rest of tongue


Why would a dryness pattern result in a thin pulse?
bloody nose?

fluid deficiency ~ blood deficiency
dry nasal passages creates cracks in mucous membranes


What is the treatment principle for external wind-dryness?

release exterior, expel dryness


What are causes of internal dryness?

lack of fluid intake


Describe symptoms of internal dryness

dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes, dry nails, thirst w/ no preference for cold, dry throat, weak-dry cough, chronic constipation w/ soft stool, vaginal dryness, scanty urine but not dark, thin dry tongue w/ thin dry coat, thin pulse


Blood deficiency symptoms are similar to those of internal dryness except there is no vision impairment because ______

fluids do not have the nourishing function of blood


What is the treatment principle for internal dryness?

generate fluids, dispel dryness


What biomedical conditions are often associated with external wind-damp/wind-cold-damp?

GI flu, ST virus


Describe symptoms of external wind-damp/wind-cold-damp

floating slippery pulse, simultaneous chills & fever, thick greasy tongue coat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, sudden turmoil syndrome, sneezing/coughing w/ profuse phlegm or mucus, overwhelming fatigue, digestive issues


Why does external dampness lead to digestive issues?

Dampness has an affinity for SP, ST organs


What is treatment principle for external wind-damp/wind-cold-damp?
What is the classic formula to treat this condiion?

resolve exterior, dispel dampness, regulate Qi in middle jiao

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang


Describe symptoms of internal dampness

heavy distending headache, tendency to wake up w/ headache, worse w/ humid weather, chronic low-grade nausea, chronic mild dizziness, heaviness of head, limbs, whole body, loose stools w/ mucus, borborygmus, epigastric distention, poor appetite, thirst w/ no desire to drink,, turbid urine, yeast infection, slippery pulse, thick greasy tongue coat


What is treatment principle for internal dampness?

strengthen SP, drain damp, promote urination


Why do patients w/ internal dampness tend to wake up with headache?

no movement during sleep leads to further stagnation


What are the 4 types of rheum?

support rheum
suspend rheum,
overflow rheum,


Describe symptoms of support rheum

phlegm in LU makes it difficult to lay down on bed - head must be "supported"
pneumonia, pleural affusion, pulmonary edema, cystic fibrosis, chronic cough, phlegmy productive cough, other damp signs


What is treatment principle for support rheum?

warmly transform rheum, drain damp, promote urination


Describe symptoms of suspend rheum

fullness in area of diaphragm, increase in discomfort/pain when turning the trunk, cough, phlegmy productive cough, heaviness, distention in chest/epigastric area, chronic nausea, dulled senses, fuzzy thought


Why does suspend rheum lead to fuzzy thought, dulled senses?

clear yang from SP is obstructed by rheum in middle jiao and not rising to the head


What is treatment principle for suspend rheum?

warmly transform rheum, drain damp, promote urination


Describe symptoms of overflow/spillage rheum

whole body edema, subcutaneous fluid throughout body, heavy head, heavy limbs, extremely poor appetite, fatigue, loose stool, diarrhea, mucus in stool,


What is treatment principle for overflow rheum?

strengthen SP, tonify Qi, transform rheum, drain damp, promote urination


Describe symptoms of phlegm/rheum

ascites, tight distended abdomen, damp signs, pulse - extremely slippery or wiry, thick greasy tongue coat


What is treatment principle for phlegm/rheum?

expel rheum from abdomen by purging bowels


Describe symptoms of visible phlegm

- discharge from body - nose, LU, vagina, mucus in stool
- phlegm mass - cancerous tumor, ovarian cyst, cystic acne, subcutaneous cyst
- swollen organs, glands - swollen thyroid, swollen prostate, KD stones, GB stones
pulse - slippery or wiry
thick greasy tongue coat


What is treatment principle for visible phlegm

Transform phlegm, drain damp, promote urination


Describe symptoms of wind-phlegm

stroke- one-sided paralysis, numbness, speech impairment

seizure - convulsion, neurological symptoms

pulse - very wiry or very slippery
tongue - thick greasy coat


What is treatment principle for wind-phlegm?

Sedate wind, expel phlegm, open orifices


Describe symptoms of phlegm misting orifices

psychosis, chronic congestion in LU, plum pit qi, heaviness in body

pulse - wiry or slippery
tongue - extremely thick greasy coat


What is treatment principle for phlegm misting orifices?

Transform phlegm, drain damp, open orifices, calm shen