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KD is the root of ____ for the whole body

Yin & Yang


KD Qi functions to astringe _________

urine, essence


List signs and symptoms of KD Qi Deficiency

fatigue, shortness of breath, wheezing, sore achy low back/knees, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, spontaneous emissions, frequent urgent urination not copious, leakage, dribbling, night time urination, urinary hesitancy, excessive clear leukorrhea, threatend miscarriage
pulse - deep, weak
tongue - pale, swollen, thin white coat


Treatment principle for KD Qi deficiency is _______

strengthen KD, tonify Qi


Threatend miscarriage is often is sign of _______deficiency



List the KD pathologies

KD Qi Deficiency
KD Yang Deficiency
KD Yin Deficiency
KD Essence Deficiency


List signs and symptoms of KD Yin Deficiency

burning quality to low back/knee pain w/ visible inflammation, dark scanty infrequent urination/burning urination, high libido, premature ejaculation, dry clots in menses or heavy flow, hot flashes, night sweats, 4-5 center heat, mallor flush, dry eyes possible red/burning, thirst w/ desire for cold, anxiety/irritability typically worse at night, insomnia
pulse - deep, thin, rapid
tongue - red, thin yellow dry coat


List treatment principle for KD yin deficiency

Strengthen KD, nourish yin


List signs and symptoms of KD yang deficiency

painful low back/knee, relieved w/ warmth & pressure, frequent copious clear urination, cold hands & feet, cold low abdomen, cold low back, general sensation of cold, exhaustion, depression, no libido, erectile dysfunction, non-ovulatory infertility, amenorrhea, bone spurs, osteopenia, osteperosis, early morning diarrhea, undigested food in stool
pulse - deep, slow/tight (pain)
tongue - very pale, swollen, wet, thin white coat


Treatment principle for KD yang deficiency is ____

Strengthen KD, warm Yang


List signs and symptoms of KD essence deficiency

developmental delay, early dementia, prematurely gray hair, dryness w/o heat, hollow sensation in low back, reduced urinary output, infrequent scanty urine but not dark, infertility, dry mouth, dry throat, thirst but no desire for cold, dry hair, male pattern baldness, dry mucous membranes, long term memory loss
pulse - deep, thin
tongue - dry, cracked, thin dry fur


Treatment principle for KD essence deficiency is ____

Strengthen KD, nourish essence


What the types of Lin Syndrome?

Heat Lin
Blood Lin
Stone Lin
Qi Lin
Turbid Lin


Heat Lin is also known as _______ or ________. List signs and symptoms

excess heat in UB
KD Yin deficiency w/ fire
- scanty, infrequent, dark urine that burns, KD yin deficiency signs


Treatment principle for Heat Lin is ________

clear heat, drain fire from UB, promote urination


List signs and symptoms of Blood Lin

burning urination w/ presence of blood, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, bleeding ulcers, bruising, blood in stool, short menstrual cycle w/ long period, heavy period or bleeding and spotting at other times in cycle
pulse - very thin (loss of blood), scallion stalk, rapid
tongue - red, dry w/ thin yellow coat


Treatment principle for Blood Lin is ________

clear heat, drain fire from UB, stop bleeding and promote urination


Stones in TCM are form of ________
List signs and symptoms of Stone Lin

phlegm accumulation
severe pain, heavy head, limbs, body, excess mucous in nose, sinuses, throat, chest, no appetite or chronic low grade nausea, thirst w/o desire to drink, distending headaches, weak achy low back & knees, frequent or urgent urination, night time urination, clear leukorrhea, premature ejaculation
pulse - slippery, deep, weak
tongue - pale, swollen, greasy white fur


Treatment principle for Stone Lin is _________

Strengthen SP & KD, Transform Phlegm, Drain Damp, Soften Hardness, Promote Urination


The subtypes of Qi Lin are _______. List signs and symptoms for each

Qi Deficiency Lin - incomplete voiding of urine leading to increased frequency of urination, urinary dribbling, incontinence, weak achy low back/knees, night time urination, premature ejaculation
pulse - deep, weak
tongue - pale, swollen, thin white coat

Qi Stagnation Lin - nervous bladder syndrome, inability to urinate while stressed, stress, anger, irritability, LV type insomnia, tension headaches, ribside pain, PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, breast tenderness, stress related digestive complaints
pulse - wiry
tongue - red or yellow, peeled or pinched sides


Treatment principle for Qi Deficiency Lin is ________
for Qi Stagnation Lin is _______

Strengthen KD, tonify Qi, astringe & promote urine
Soothe LV, regulate Qi, promote urination


List signs and symptoms for Turbid Lin

cloudy, milky, foamy or excessively bubbly urine w/ foul or fishy odor, internal dampness symptoms, all worse w/ inactivity, high carb or cold, raw diet or in damp, humid weather
pulse - slippery
tongue - pale, swollen, wet w/ greasy white coat


Treatment principle for Turbid Lin is __________

strengthen SP to drain damp, dispel turbidity, promote urination