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List the LV pathologies

LV blood deficiency
LV yin deficiency
LV Qi Stagnation
LV Yang Rising
LV Fire
LV Wind due to Yang rising, Excess Heat, Blood Deficiency


List the GB pathologies

GB (& HT) Qi Deficiency
LV/GB damp heat
GB phlegm fire


List signs and symptoms of LV blood deficiency

recent decline in visual acuity, dry eyes, impaired night vision, reduced range of motion, tight stiff muscles that tend to spasm, long menstrual cycle >32 days, short period <3 days, scanty bleeding, dizziness, pale face & tongue, mild temporal headache, postmenstrual dull achy cramping, dry hair, dry nails, dry skin
tongue - pale dry, thin dry white coat
pulse - thin


Treatment principle for LV blood deficiency

Soothe LV, nourish blood


LV blood deficiency can be caused by _________

poor diet, excessive loss of blood, heavy menstrual period, bleeding ulcers, bleeding hemorrhoids


LV blood deficiency can lead to _______ deficiency, signs and symptoms of which are _________

HT Blood
insomnia, anxiety, short term memory loss, inability to concentrate


List signs and symptoms of LV yin deficiency

dry red burning eyes, irritability, dizziness, tidal fever, mallor flush, severe insomnia, agitation, thirst for cold drinks, dark scanty urine
pulse - thin, rapid
tongue - red, dry w/ thin dry yellow coat


Treatment principle for LV yin deficiency

Soothe LV, nourish yin, clear deficiency heat


LV Qi stagnation can be caused by ________

stress, anger, emotional upset, excessive caffeine use, alcohol use, opiate use, statin use


List signs and symptoms of LV Qi stagnation

temporal tension headache, stiff tight neck & shoulders, tense muscles, ribside hypochondriac distention/discomfort, frequent sighing, frequent stretching & yawning, breast distention, LV type insomnia, digestive issues triggered by stress - nausea, vomiting, ST pain, constipation, diarrhea or alternating constipation/diarrhea, pain/discomfort in inguinal area, frustration, irregular menstrual cycle, severe PMS
tongue - red or orage sides, peeled or pinched
pulse - wiry


Treatment principle for LV Qi Stagnation is _______

Soothe LV, move Qi


LV type insomnia is characterized by _________

waking up 1-3am, difficulty falling back asleep


List signs and symptoms of LV Yang Rising

severe headache, hypertension, classic migraine, stroke, seizure, dizziness, bright red face, blurry vision, floaters, thirst for cold, upper body sweat mainly at night, LV type insomnia
tongue - red, dry, thin dry yellow fur
pulse - wiry, rapid


Treatment principle for LV Yang Rising is __________

Sedate Yang, Soothe LV, Nourish Yin & blood


LV fire can be caused by _________

severe stress, emotional upset (anger), alcohol


List signs and symptoms of LV fire

Bright red face, upper body sweat, extreme thirst w/ desire for cold drink, severe temporal headache, cluster headaches, severe LV type insomnia, emotional intensity, rage, anger, ranting, raving, screaming, short temper, dark scanty urine, constipation
pulse - wiry, very rapid
tongue - bright red thin dry, thin dry yellow coat


What are cluster headaches?

short-lived headaches occuring in clusters, extraordinarily painful


Treatment principle for LV fire is ________

clear heat, drain fire from LV


LV wind pathology is most often characterized by _________

List signs and symptoms of LV wind due to Yang Rising, Excess Heat, Blood Deficiency

involuntary movement

Yang Rising - migraines, nominative aphasia, flashes, aura, smells, stroke, seizure, quivering tongue

Excess Heat - high fever, quivering tongue, febrile convulsions, extremely rapid wiry pulse, bright red dry tongue, thin yellow dry fure

Blood Deficiency - ticks, tremors, muscle twitch, Tourret's syndrome, early stage Parkinson's Disease, quivering tongue, pulse - very thin, wiry
tongue - pale, dry, thin, white coat, possible red sides


List signs and symptoms of GB Qi deficiency

difficulty making decision, severe anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, fatigue, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweat, indigestion, loose stool, diarrhea w/ eating fatty food, severe GB type insomnia
pulse - weak
tongue - pale & swollen


What is GB type insomnia?

trouble falling asleep, waking up during GB time 11pm-1am, restlessness, vivid dreams


Treatment principel for GB Qi deficiency is ______

Strengthen GB, Tonify Qi


Yin jaundice is characterized by ________ while Yang jaundice is characterized by ____________

severe SP Qi & Yang deficiency, pale yellow hands & feet, no yellow in sclera of eyes

deep yellowing of whole body including sclera of eyes


LV/GB damp heat is associated with _____ jaundice.
List signs and symptoms of LV/GB damp heat


bitter taste in mouth, nausea, vomiting, low grade fever, extremely poor appetite, strong thirst w/ limited desire for cold drink, heavy distending ribside/epigastrium, irritability, dark scanty turbid urine, strong odor, damp sores on external genitals, STD w/ red pussy lesions
pulse - slippery, rapid
tongue - red, wet w/ greasy yellow fur


Treatment principle for LV/GB damp heat is __________

clear heat, drain damp, soothe LV/GB


List signs and symptoms of GB phlegm fire

acute schizophrenia, severe mania, delusions, hallucinations, bright red face, severe temporal headache, sticky spontaneous sweat, strong thirst for cold, no real desire to drink, rage for no real reason, incoherent thought/speech, ribside distention, severe insomnia
tongue - bright red, wet, thick greasy yellow coat
pulse - slippery rapid


Treatment principle for GB phlegm fire is ________

clear heat, drain fire, transform phlegm, calm shen