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During which phase(s) of cell cycle are growth factors required for progression through normal cell cycle?



What may occur in the HER-2 gene in a case of neoplasia?

In neoplastic cells, HER-2 gene can be amplified leading to extra gene copies.


How may a BRCA gene influence the onset or progression of cancer?

Decrease in homologous recombination to repair DNA


Name the important features of a screening test

1) The test is accessible
2) Identifies disease at a point when intervention can affect outcomes
3) Affordable.


How may onset of menarche and menopause increase or decrease risk of cancer?

Early menarche increases risk
Late menopause increases risk
(more menstrual cycles = more risk)


A 65-year-old female discovers a breast lump in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast. Her family physician arranges for her to have several investigations, including imaging studies.
Which radiological investigations would be MOST APPROPRIATE to order for the investigation of a new breast mass?

bilateral mammogram


Cancer growth follows a Gompertzian curve. Describe this pattern of growth.

Growth is initially exponential, but decreases as the cancer enlarges.


What are the hallmark features of dysplasia?

Cells become less differentiated and increase in size


Should we screen this cancer?

Burkitt lymphoma - rare, very rapidly growing cancer, curable when widely disseminated

Screening is not appropriate


Should we screen this cancer?

Common, recognized precancerous lesion, generally incurable when metastasized

yes we should screen


Should we screen this cancer?

Prostate cancer - common, highly variable clinical course with many men dying with, not of, the cancer

invasive screen.. So no we should not screen.