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The employment equity act defines visible minorities as persons other than _ peoples, who are _ _ in race or _ _



What are the 4 political challenges in planning for diversity in Sandercock's argument?

`1. dominant culture (DC)'s values embedded in legislation
2. DC values embedded in attitudes, behaviors/ practices of planners
3. planning system as an outlet to express racism (i.e. that mosque that they wanted to build)
4. planners come up against cultural practices that dont agree with their own.


What is the Contact Hypothesis?

- frequent contact with others to alleviate fear and minimize prejudice


What's an ethnic enclave and how's it different from a ghetto?

enclave-congregation by choice
ghetto-forced into it by economy/other factors.


Explain social capital

networks or relationships of people in an area. i.e. the Chicago heatwave in 1995, well connected, predominately Latino neighborhood socialized in streets, took care of one another. (north lawndale, bad, vs lil village, good)


Explain urban conflict

-reciprocity between power and income, rich people's got more power in decision making and have more choices, so they can avoid negative externalities and enjoy the good stuff


Explain the 3 Rs in measuring urban change

-renewal (large scale change)
-redevelopment (replace old structures)
-revitalize (update physical aspects of an area with focus on improving social vitality)


Explain gentrification

-renewal/redevelopment/revitalization of low-income neighborhoods that displaces original inhabitants, new people move in and continue to improve the neighborhood.


Why does gentrification happen?

-limited urban land supply
-reliance on private market to supply housing
-lack of policies supporting inclusion & equity
-desire for externalities of mixed-use communities
-branding of neighborhoods


What planning tools can be used to encourage social mix?

-mixed-use zoning
-inclusionary zoning
-renewal projects that include for-profit and affordable housing
-complete communities