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Working Memory

  • Limited-capacity system for temporary storage & manipulation of info for comprehension, problem-solving, learning, reasoning, etc. 


WM-Corporate analogy

  • Head honcho in charge of info processing = Central Executive
  • Controls attention; dividing attention b/t tasks
  • Manipulating info for tasks
  • Manipulating info for tasks
  • Retrieval from LTM


Rehearsal Buffers

  1. Phonological Loop
  2. Visuo-spatial sketchpad
  • Keep info around for current tasks


Central Executive

  • Central executive coordinates processing: Focuses on specific parts of a task & switches attention from one part to another
  • Deep CE processing leads to transfer to LTM
  • assisted by 2 rehearsal buffers


Baddeley's Revised WM Model

  • Episodic Buffer: Storage system that can integrate info from different modalities. 


Phonological Loop

  • aka phonological store, storage unit, "inner ear"


Articulatory Loop

Articulatory loop: maintenance rehearsal (process)
sound-based, subvocal repetition -“inner voice”

Supporting Evidence:

  • Phonological similarity effects
  • Word length effects
  • Articulatory suppression effects



Phonological Similarity Effect Task

  • remember the following letters; 8s delay; recall
  • Memory is poorer when Ps rehearse a set of items that sound similar vs. not 
  1. g c b t v p
  2. o l k s y g
  • Intrusion errors during retrieval:
    • Often phonologically similar to TBR words
    • Rarely similar in meaning



Phonological Word Length Effect

  • Try to remember the following words; 8s delay; recall
  • IV= word length (4-5 letters vs 7-8 letters)
  • # of symballs seems to be more important than number of letters


Articulatory Suppression Task

  • Try to remember the following words; 8s delay; (1/2 of Ps read "THE" out loud); recall
  • poorer recall with a suppression
    • other sound info disrupts rehearsal of TBR info