3mb reproduction

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List some factors that are increa...,
List the main indications for act,
At what age does fertility start ...
46  cards
Menstrual Dysfunction
How long does a normal menstrual ...,
What are the 3 stages of the mens...,
Which layer of the uterus is shed...
20  cards
What bacterial species predominat...,
What does lactobacillus spp produ...,
List some bacteria other than lac...
65  cards
Bleeding in Pregnancy
How long is a normal pregnancy,
When is the 1st trimester completed,
When is the 2nd trimester completed
38  cards
What is the worlds most widely us...,
Fertility awareness involves bein...,
When must basal body temperature ...
60  cards
Termination of Pregnancy
List some common causes of unplan...,
What is the most commonly perform...,
How many medical practitioners ar...
22  cards
Hiv aids true false,
What type of virus is hiv,
Which immune receptors are the ta...
45  cards
Sexually-transmitted Infections
What is the most common sti,
How is chlamydia transmitted,
In what age group is the highest ...
30  cards
Antenatal Care and Screening
How many antenatal meetings are n...,
What tests are usually done in an...,
What markers are used to estimate...
11  cards
Physiology of Pregnancy and Labour
List the cell stages a fertilised...,
During which days following ferti...,
During which days following ferti...
57  cards
How can placental tissue be obtai...,
How can skin urine cells of a foe...,
How can blood of a foetus be obta...
13  cards
Small & Large Births
What are the 2 main causes for a ...,
How is a birth defined as preterm,
List some causes of preterm birth
22  cards
Vaginal Pathology & Cervical Cancer
Describe the transition zone in t...,
How is the transition zone in the...,
What is a nabothian cyst
28  cards
Abnormal Labour
List factors that determine labou...,
What causes transient hypoxia in ...,
List options for providing analge...
20  cards
Medical Complications of Labour
What are the components of hellp ...,
What medication is used for hyper...,
Which hypertensive drug class sho...
15  cards
Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy
List some risk factors for mental...,
When should a pregnant patient be...,
What is the principle of psychiat...
25  cards
Hypertension in Pregnancy
What happens to vessels during pr...,
Is blood pressure high or low in ...,
Is blood pressure high or low in ...
19  cards
Pelvic Floor Disorders
What are the 3 main categories of...,
List the 4 main types of urinary ...,
List risk factors for urinary inc...
28  cards
For how long should infants be ex...,
List some factors that are causin...,
What is the likely aetiology behi...
13  cards
Perinatal Adaptation
What are the 3 shunts present in ...,
Which vessel carries oxygenated b...,
Once oxygenated blood reaches the...
20  cards
Sick Infants
What is the time period for class...,
What are the components of the ap...,
What is a normal apgar score
31  cards
Prescribing in Pregnancy
How might pharmacokinetics be aff...,
What should a female take 3 month...,
In which trimester is a baby at m...
18  cards
What is the most common imaging u...,
Is there ionising radiation with ...,
What are the 2 main ultrasound te...
18  cards
What is menopause,
What is the climacteric period,
What is average age for menopause...
18  cards
Uterine Cancer
When is it most common to develop...,
What are the 3 subgroups of endom...,
What causes endometrial hyperplasia
29  cards
Pelvic Masses
What is the commonest pelvic mass...,
List clinical features of uterine...,
Which investigations are appropri...
18  cards
Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cysts usually resolve on ...,
List some common sites of endomet...,
What is the typical appearance of...
39  cards
Breast Histology
What makes up the secretory tissu...,
What tissues make up the non lact...,
Describe the duct system in the b...
10  cards
Breast Pathology
List the different methods of obt...,
What types of therapeutic excisio...,
What is gynaecomastia
34  cards
Breast Conditions
List clinically relevant risk fac...,
List the most common clinical fea...,
What is the most common histologi...
26  cards
Breast Imaging
When is breast imaging needed,
What is the 1st line breast imagi...,
What is the 1st line breast imagi...
13  cards
Breast Surgery
What are the 2 main groups of bre...,
What procedure s come under breas...,
What procedure s come under maste...
7  cards

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