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What makes up the secretory tissue of the breast?

15-20 lobes, each consisting of tubuloacinar glands that drain via ducts to the nipple


What tissues make up the non-lactating breast?

Fibrous and adipose tissue


Describe the duct system in the breast

Terminal ductules lead into intralobular collecting ducts that lead into the lactiferous duct for that lobe
The lactiferous duct leads to the nipple


How does the epithelium differ between large ducts and secretory acini?

Large ducts: columnar
Secretory acini: cuboidal


What type of epithelium lines the nipple?

Highly pigmented keratinized stratified squamous epithelium


Describe the changes that occur in the breast during the menstrual cycle

Epithelial cells increase in height
Lumina of ducts become enlarged
Small secretions appear


Describe the changes that occur in the breast if pregnancy occurs

Elongation and branching of smaller ducts
Glandular tissue development
Secretory alveoli mature


What effect do oestrogen and progesterone have on secretory and adipose tissue?

Stimulate proliferation of secretory tissue
Fibro-fatty tissue becomes sparse


By what mechanism of secretion are lipid droplets of milk secreted?

Apocrine secretion: droplet buds off with a little bit of cytoplasm with it


By what mechanism of secretion are proteins of milk secreted?

Merocrine secretion: vesicle containing packaged protein releases all of its contents