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Techniques 1
Name 3 types of intra oral radiog...,
What can u see in a peri apical,
What can u see in a horizontal bi...
45  cards
Techniques 2
When taking bitewings the x ray b...,
Upward angulation of x ray beam c...,
Downward angulation of x ray beam...
31  cards
Radiographic techniques 3
Bisected angles technique film im...,
What is the law of similar triangles,
Bisected angles technique
18  cards
Image receptors 1
What are the two ways to capture ...,
Remember digital has no orientati...,
Name 2 types of film
21  cards
Image receptors 2
What are the two types of film,
What is direct action film used for,
What is direct action film sensit...
46  cards
Production of x-rays
What is the function of the cathode,
The cathode is a fine wire made o...,
How does the cathode work passes ...
16  cards
Radiation safety
What are the 2 types of biologica...,
Define deterministic non stochast...,
Deterministic effects produce wha...
15  cards
Quality assurance
What is quality assurance,
We cant eliminate human error but...,
What are the 2 legislations that ...
21  cards
Caries and periapical pathology -> justification & interpretation
Selection of appropriate radiogra...,
What does alarp stand for and ref...,
Remember these can be mistaken fo...
16  cards
Diagnosis of periodontal disease - Justification 2
Radiographs are used in periodont...,
What radiographs are used to asse...,
Remember radiographs follow full ...
10  cards
Extra oral views
Images relating to the mandible 3,
Images relating to the maxilla an...,
Terminology views relate to direc...
75  cards
What are the 2 legislations in ra...,
Who does irr 17 protect,
Who does irmer 17 protect
30  cards
Panoramic radiography
What is the most common extra ora...,
What is tomography,
What are the 2 types of tomography
53  cards
Dental panoramic radiography
What is a tomogram,
How does dental panoramic tomogra...,
What type of image receptor does ...
16  cards
Quality assurance 2
What causes a pale or weak image 5,
How to prevent a weak image 5,
What has caused the speckled area...
35  cards
DPT2 + panoramic anatomy
In a dpt the image of a skull has...,
What is the yellow structure of t...,
What is the green structure of th...
68  cards
Cone beam computed tomography
What is ct scanning,
Compare the x ray tube kv in dent...,
What is the movement of a ct scan
37  cards
Other imaging modalities
In ct cbct and mri the patient is...,
Voxels can be different sizes how...,
Voxels can be different sizes how...
39  cards
Who discovered x rays,
When were x rays discovered,
When were x rays used for dental
72  cards

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