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Addition reaction,
126  cards
The Atomic Structure
What is the mass number,
What is the atomic number,
What are isotopes
68  cards
Amount of substance
What is a mole,
What is relative atomic mass,
What is relative molecular mass
44  cards
What is ionic bonding,
How are ions formed,
What type of ions do metals form
70  cards
What is the definition of enthalpy,
What is the definition of enthalp...,
What is the definition of endothe...
17  cards
What is the reaction rate,
What is the equation to calculate...,
What are the units for the reacti...
19  cards
What are the conditions for equil...,
What is a dynamic equilibrium,
State le chatelier s principle
38  cards
Redox Reactions
What is oxidation,
What is reduction,
What happens in a redox reaction
21  cards
What is the periodic table arrang...,
What do the rows represent,
What do the columns represent
22  cards
Group 2
What do all group 2 elements in c...,
What happens when group 2 element...,
What is the trend for the atomic ...
37  cards
Group 7
What are the characteristics of f...,
What are the characteristics of c...,
What are the characteristics of b...
49  cards
Introduction to organic chemistry
What does the general formula show,
What is the empirical formula,
What does the molecular formula show
51  cards
Formulas for presenting organic compounds
What is the general formula,
What is the empirical formula,
What is the molecular formula
6  cards
What is petroleum mainly made of,
What are alkanes,
What is the general formula of al...
107  cards
What is a haloalkane,
What type of bonds are there in h...,
What is a nucleophile
21  cards
What is an alkene,
What is a hydrocarbon,
What is an unsaturated compound
47  cards
What is the functional group in a...,
What is the general formula for a...,
What are the different types of a...
56  cards
Organic analysis
What is infrared spectroscopy,
What happens to a pair of atoms i...,
What is unique about each bond
16  cards
Practical skills
Describe a method for a titration,
Describe a method for making a so...,
Suggest a reason for removing the...
108  cards
Period 3 elements and oxides
What are the physical trends acro...,
What type of reaction happens to ...,
Which period 3 elements react wit...
51  cards
What is enthalpy change,
What is enthalpy of formation,
What is the enthalpy change of at...
42  cards
Rate equations
What is the reaction rate,
What is the gradient of a concent...,
What is an order of reaction
19  cards
Acids and bases
What is a bronsted lowry acid,
What is a bronsted lowry base,
What is meant by the term strong ...
17  cards
Isomerism and carbonyl compounds
What is optical isomerism,
What is stereoisomerism,
What is a chiral carbon
29  cards
Transition metals
What is a transition metal,
What are the physical properties ...,
What are the chemical properties ...
50  cards
Electrode potentials and cells
In an electrochemical cell what i...,
Which salt solution is the salt b...,
Why is a high resistance voltmete...
17  cards
Aromatic compounds and amines
Wha is the formula of benzene,
Describe the structure of benzene,
Why is benzene more stable than t...
20  cards
What is condensation polymerisation,
Which reaction creates a polyamide,
How is nylon 6 6 created
15  cards
Amino acids, proteins and DNA
Why are amino acids amphoteric,
What other property do amino acid...,
What is a zwitterion
29  cards
Further synthesis and analysis
Explain why chemists aim to desig...,
Explain why chemists aim to desig...,
What happens to nuclei when an ex...
16  cards

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