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Anatomy Objectives
Which cells lay down bone matrix,
Osteoblasts later become what cel...,
The cells which direct deposition...
46  cards
Journal club
1  cards
Ultrasound Objectives
0  cards
What is considered an abnormal e ...,
Normal fractional shortening for ...,
What is the equation for fraction...
18  cards
Special procedures (contrast studies)
How much of an emergency is bariu...,
How much of an emergency is bariu...,
Describe two situations where adm...
57  cards
Basic Physics
In decreasing order highest to lo...,
What is an isotope give an example,
What is an isobar give an example
70  cards
Radiation biology
What is exposure x,
How is exposure measured equation...,
What is the absorbed dose
23  cards
Nuclear medicine
Define activity,
What is a curie math,
What is a bequerel math
54  cards
Anatomy - Cardiovascular
How does the esophagus receive it...,
Where do the venous system draini...,
Describe major arterial blood sup...
14  cards
What is a reverberation artifact ...,
What is the difference between ri...,
What is a reverberation artifact ...
50  cards
Describe the ct characteristics o...,
Differences between epidural and ...,
What are the stages of hemorrhage...
3  cards
What are the stages of hemorrhage...,
What are the four types of magnet...,
What is diamagnetic give an example
16  cards
Physical properties of x-rays 4.0
What is effect of direct interact...,
Describe the film emulsion,
Describe formation of a latent image
58  cards
Accessories: film screen, grids - 11.0
What is the film emulsion,
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the benefit of using sing...
98  cards
Dark room - 12.0
What is the purpose of a safelight,
What are specifics about safeligh...,
What are some specific filter spe...
16  cards
Image/film quality - 11 and 13
What is the difference between us...,
What is crossover,
How is crossover reduced
33  cards
What is the cv system originate from,
What are the 5 portions of the pr...,
What does the truncus arteriosus ...
41  cards
Cheat sheet
I 123normal a mode of decayprinci...,
Str 89 normal a mode of decayprin...,
O 15z mode of decayprinciple ener...
73  cards

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