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1.1 Anatomy of Motion
Typical adult count of bones,
Bone count at birth,
Semirigid resilient avascular see...
13  cards
5.3 Male Reproductuve System
Divides the cloaca into anal and ...,
Presence of this protein triggers...,
Division of cloaca into anal cana...
44  cards
5.4 Female Reproductive System
External female genitalia which p...,
Collective term that refers to th...,
External genitalia with rounded f...
35  cards
6.2 Development Of CNS
During the formation of brain ves...,
3 dilations of cephalon end,
In the 5 vesicle stage the prosen...
4  cards
6.4 General Somatic Afferent
Non special tract that conducts s...,
Ability to identify objects with ...,
Exteroceptor outside of the body ...
13  cards
6.1 Blood Supply Of CNS
Branch of ophthalmic a that provi...,
Artery that connects ica to poste...,
Supplies inferior horn of lateral...
72  cards
1.2 Epithelium and Glands
Cell junctions found on the later...,
Main proteins in the zonula occlu...,
Forms a belt or tight junction su...
23  cards
1.3 Upper Limbs - Muscle and Fascia
Adducts and medially rotates hume...,
Stabilizes scapula by drawing it ...,
Anchors and depresses clavicle
30  cards
1.4 Muscle and Nerve Tissue
Muscle cell membrane,
Cytoplasm of muscle cells,
Smooth er of muscle cells
35  cards
1.5 Upper Limbs Blood Supply
Proximal and distal borders of th...,
Branch of the 1st part of axillar...,
Branches of the 2nd part of axill...
10  cards
1.6A Connective tissue
Embryological origin of connectiv...,
Most abundant protein in the body...,
Type of collagen that composes re...
9  cards
1.6B Integumentary System
Vitamin synthesized by skin cells...,
Embyological origin of epidermis,
Embryological origin of dermis
20  cards
1.7 Upper Limbs Nerve Supply
Innervates the serratus anterior ...,
Innervates the rhomboid muscles,
Innervaties supraspinatus and inf...
13  cards
1.8 Bone and Cartilage
Immature cartilage forming cells,
Cartilage growth where there is m...,
Cartilage growth where there is d...
15  cards
1.9 Intro to Embryology
A specialized extracellular matri...,
Supplies vital protein to cells a...,
Is the period of conditioning of ...
13  cards
1.10 Clinical correlations
A method of reduction of a should...,
Tightening of the capsule for cas...,
Procedure where the glneoid labru...
11  cards
2.1 Deep Back
Number of vertebrae and sections,
Period when cervical vertebrae be...,
Period when the lumbar area becom...
40  cards
2.2 Blood
Blood ph,
Plasma protein which maintains co...,
Plasma protein which transport me...
20  cards
2.3 Lower Limbs - Muscle and Fascia
The gluteal fascia covers the,
Encloses the large thigh muscles,
The femoral triangle is formed by
53  cards
2.4 Myeloid
Aka colony forming units,
Aka hemopoietic cytokines,
Source of tpo
24  cards
2.5 Blood and Nerve Supply of Lower Limbs
Adductor canal contains,
Obturator artery arises from,
Femoral artery arises from
20  cards
2.6 Lymphoid Tissue
A milky fluid containing emulsifi...,
Drains the right side of the neck...,
Drains the lower half of the body
24  cards
5.1 Endocrine System
Bony cavity of the spenoid bone w...,
The female pituitary gland is hea...,
Also known as the adenohypophysis
49  cards
5.2 Pelvis and Perineum
Pelvis that is superior to the pe...,
Pelvis that is between the pelvic...,
Linea terminals is formed by
55  cards
5.5 Histology of the Female Reproductive System
Surface epithelium of ovaries,
Responsible for whitish color of ...,
Tunica albuginea is composed of _...
91  cards
5.6 Organization of Nervous System
Produces myelin,
Glial cells in the cns,
Glial cells in the pns
39  cards
5.7 Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous System
Types of nerve fiber which is mye...,
Type of nerve fiber which is thin...,
Type of nerve fiber which is unmy...
32  cards
Quiz 2
Span of renewal of stratum basale,
Layer of the epidermis responsibl...,
Binds the stratum basale to the b...
45  cards
Histology 5th LE
Seminiferous tubules,
Pancreas islets of langerhans,
Islet of langerhans
113  cards
6.2a Development of the CNS
Process by which the neural plate...,
Length of the entire process of n...,
Cns development starts at the ___...
58  cards
6.2b The Meninges and the ventricular system
The dura mater ends inferiorly on...,
Large endothelium lined spaces be...,
Four major septa of dura mater
42  cards
The cerebellum is concerned prima...,
A patient with cerebellar lesion ...,
Lobe of the cerebellum concerned ...
10  cards
Main abductor of the arm between ...,
Intitates abduction of arm first ...,
Main lateral rotator of arm
166  cards

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