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Basic Concepts in Anatomy
The following describes what anat...,
The following describes what anat...,
The following describes what anat...
67  cards
Intro to Radiology
The following definition describe...,
X rays are ___ energy the same as...,
A proper term for something that ...
28  cards
The Vertebral Column
What are the three functions of t...,
How many vertebrae make up the ax...,
Describe the differences in the s...
33  cards
Superficial Back
True or false the skin of the bac...,
Describe the superficial fascia o...,
Describe the deep fascia of the back
65  cards
Deep Back
What regions of the back is thora...,
Thoracolumbar fascia is continuou...,
The thoracolumbar fascia thickens...
50  cards
Introduction to Genetics
___ are long linear dna molecules...,
____ are multiple repeats of the ...,
What are centromeres
29  cards
Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Reflexes I & II
What are the anterior posterior a...,
What are the six contents of the ...,
What opening is at the superior e...
117  cards
Early Embryology I & II
Fertilization normally occurs in ...,
Movement of sperm from the cervix...,
What happens to sperm motility on...
122  cards
Most of the twelve pairs of crani...,
The sensory ganglia of the vagus ...,
In regards to sympathetic cells t...
19  cards
Musculoskeletal Embryology I
Intraembryonic mesoderm lateral t...,
By the end of the third week the ...,
Each somite differentiates into t...
38  cards
Superficial and Osseous Upper Limb
____ vein begins at the medial ul...,
The basilic vein joins veins acco...,
The ___ vein begins at the latera...
12  cards
Joints of the Upper Limb (Shoulder)
The pectoral girdle is formed by ...,
The pectoral girdle can be consid...,
In the pectoral girdle the clavic...
73  cards
Arm and Brachial Musculature
The lateral surface of the scapul...,
Roughened muscle attachment sites...,
The glnenoid fossa is extended la...
54  cards
Upper Limb Vasculature and Lymphatics to the Elbow
The brachiocephalic trunk starts ...,
The left subclavian artery arises...,
Once the subclavian arteries cros...
43  cards
Forearm, Wrist, and Hand I
The wrist joint exists between th...,
The elbow is a hinge joint allowi...,
The interosseous membrane between...
119  cards
Musculoskeletal Embryology II
Limb buds appear at week ___ of d...,
Limb bud tissues are derived form...,
Initially the limb bud mesenchyme...
49  cards
Brachial Plexus
For each cord give the respective...,
What nerve comes from the root c5...,
What nerve comes from the roots c...
11  cards
Clinical Correlations
Winged scapula involves lesions o...,
What muscles are affected by wing...,
In regards to winged scapula what...
32  cards
Superficial and Osseous Lower Limb
The subcutaneous tissue lies deep...,
Subcutaneous fascia consists of _...,
At the ____ the subcutaneous tiss...
54  cards
Joints of the Lower Limb
The hip joint is a ball and socke...,
The hyaline cartilage lined ___ s...,
The acetabulum is deepened by the...
79  cards
Anterior and Medial Thigh
The deep fascia of the thigh is c...,
Laterally in the thigh there is a...,
What is the main action of the an...
75  cards
Gluteal Region Posterior Thigh and Popliteal Fossa
This is a very strong ligament th...,
This ligament is smaller than the...,
The ____ ____ foramina is the irr...
60  cards
Clinical Correlations - Posture
What is the line of gravity,
A normal line of gravity during q...,
The projection of the line of gra...
26  cards
Clinical Correlations -Gait
True or false in both running and...,
The gait cycle is form the initia...,
We initiate ____ by simultaneousl...
65  cards
Triangles of the Neck 1
What is the superior attachment t...,
What is the inferior attachment t...,
What is the lateral attachment to...
56  cards
Triangles of the Neck 2
What nerves are found in the caro...,
What makes up the muscular triang...,
This nerve found in the carotid t...
55  cards
Triangles of the Neck 3
The anterior boundary of the root...,
The posterior boundary of the roo...,
Subclavian vessels vertebral arte...
58  cards
The cranium is formed by how many...,
The neurocranium consists of the ...,
Viscerocranium is formed from the...
61  cards
Face and Scalp
All the muscles of facial express...,
This muscle of facial expression ...,
This muscle of facial expression ...
64  cards
Temporal Region and Parotid Gland
What is the artery vein and nerve...,
What is the artery vein and nerve...,
What is found on anterior border ...
43  cards
Infratemporal Region
For the infratemporal fossa name ...,
Foramina spinosum and oval are fo...,
What are the contents of the infr...
43  cards
Interior of The Skull
A midline ridge frontal crest on ...,
Frontal crest terminates at the b...,
Parietal bones have grooves from ...
101  cards
CN V (Trigeminal Nerve)
The caudal part of the brain is r...,
A ___ is a cluster of functionall...,
This trigeminal nerve nucleus is ...
74  cards
CN VII and VIII (Facial and Vestibulocochlear Nerves)
The facial nerve cn vii is derive...,
The facial nerve arises from the ...,
The motor portion of the facial n...
53  cards
The superior and inferior salivar...,
The nucleus ambiguous supplies what,
The dorsal nucleus of the vagus n...
28  cards
The Orbit
What is the roof medial wall late...,
The lacrimal groove is an importa...,
The optic canal is an important l...
92  cards
Craniovertebral Joints and Pharynx
What type of joint is the atlanto...,
Occipital condyles are _____ with...,
What type of movement does the at...
61  cards
Clinical Correlations: Head/Neck: Dental
Why do we lose teeth,
What 3 structures are of concern ...,
The temporalis inserts where
14  cards
Nasal Cavity
The nasal cavity extends from the...,
The floor of the nasal cavity is ...,
The roof of the nasal cavity is t...
49  cards
Palate and Lymphatics of the Head and Neck
The hard palate is formed by the ...,
What are the 3 things the mucosa ...,
What are the 3 foramina in the ha...
44  cards
Mouth and Tongue
The oral cavity opens anteriorly ...,
What are the boundaries of the or...,
This is the space between the tee...
48  cards
The larynx is continuous with the...,
The larynx is located at vertebra...,
What are the 3 functions of the l...
54  cards
The external ear consists of what...,
The auricle contains an elastic c...,
What is the blood and nerve suppl...
41  cards
Development of the Head and Neck
Occipital sclerotomes form the up...,
Occipital myotomes will form the ...,
The nerves of the occipital somit...
43  cards

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